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Barbie vs Oppenheimer: Both films exceed expectations as box office frontrunner emerges

Barbie cast turns London Eye pink to celebrate movie premiere

Cinemas around the world are busier than ever thanks to the arrival of two films that quickly became blockbusters.

Excitement for Greta Gerwig Barbie doll and by Christopher Nolan Oppenheimer has accelerated excessively in the lead up to simultaneous release, has finally arrived.

While OppenheimerThe critical rating of has blown over Barbie doll With a near-perfect score on Rotten Tomato, the latter, starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, is now expected to double the box office take of the Cillian Murphy-starred biopic.

However, both releases far exceeded their expectations, perhaps proving that audiences have grown tired of sequels and superhero movies.

Barbie doll is estimated to earn $110 million at the US box office in its opening weekend, with OppenheimerThe total is expected to be around $50 million. Impressively, Barbie is currently on track to gross $150 million, with Nolan’s TV series grossing $75 million.

Speaking in a new interview with independenceNolan describes Oppenheimer is “the biggest movie I’ve made”. Meanwhile, Murphy admitted to having difficulty watching the film due to seeing his face projected on the screen, but admitted that the film was “designed” to be “viewed with an audience”.

OppenheimerHowever, the London premiere was cut short due to the cast leaving early to prepare for the SAG-AFTRA strike order, which began a few hours after the event.


Are Christopher Nolan’s films right-wing?

That was the question explored by my colleague Louis Chilton in his comment to Independence.

The 52-year-old filmmaker’s work has long sparked speculation about his political views, from those who are seen as conservative. The dark Knight to the anti-war message of principles. Will his nuclear biopic Oppenheimer keep any answer?

Jacob StolworthyJuly 22, 2023 19:30


Barbie maker accused of ‘surreptitious marketing’ in schools

Barbie maker accused of ‘surreptitious marketing’ in schools

Mattel has sparked criticism for “sneaky marketing” to children after a new program gave away free Barbie dolls in schools, a move that medical experts say reinforces damaging gender stereotypes.

The toy maker launched a ‘Barbie Friendship School’ program this year, in which free Barbie dolls are given to around 150,000 pupils in 700 schools across the UK to teach social skills.

However, in an investigative article published in the journal British Medical Journal On July 20, many experts questioned the program’s potential negative impact on gender stereotypes, as well as the freedom for companies to market their products in schools.

Jacob StolworthyJuly 22, 2023 18:30


Christopher Nolan says Oppenheimer is ‘the greatest movie I’ve ever made’

independence sit down with both Nolan and Cillan Murphy to discuss Oppenheimer.

During the chat, Nolan discussed the new film as well as his future as a director while Murphy admitted, “I love watching Christopher Nolan movies when I’m not in.

Read the full interview here.

Jacob StolworthyJuly 22, 2023 17:30


Will ‘Oppenheimer’ be released in Japan?

For obvious reasons, some fans are wondering if Oppenheimer will have a theatrical release in Japan.

independence understand that plans to release the film have not yet been finalized in all markets. Japan also tends to release later than other markets with Barbie doll coming out on August 11th there.

Jacob Stolworthy22 July 2023 16:30


‘Oppenheimer’ technical error hits cinemas

Christopher Nolan has been very clear about his preferred viewing style oppeheimer in IMAX 70mm format.

In fact, the film is the longest film ever shown in this format.

However, due to the fragile nature of projection at 70mm, many moviegoers around the world have encountered errors – one of which may or may not be Barbenheimer’s fault.

Jacob Stolworthy22 July 2023 15:30


Barbie’s hilarious cameo

Next time Barbie dollFilm fans were left baffled after seeing Rob Brydon at the UK premiere.

The Gavin & Stacey The comedy star later wrote on Twitter that he had a small role in the movie – and sure enough, he’s there!

Many affectionately called his sudden and brief appearance in the film a “scare”.

Jacob Stolworthy22 July 2023 15:00


Our Verdict on ‘Barbie’

by Greta Gerwig Barbie doll received five-star treatment from our film critic Clarisse Loughrey:

Jacob Stolworthy22 July 2023 14:30


Matt Damon and Emily Blunt have admitted that co-stars Cillian Murphy’s blue eyes were a “real problem” on set. Oppenheimer.

“That’s a real problem when you’re doing the scene with Cillian,” agreed Damon. “Sometimes you find yourself just swimming in his eyes.”

Blunt compared Murphy’s eyes to Billie Eilish’s 2016 hit “Ocean Eyes.” “We just hum it all day,” she quips.

Jacob StolworthyJuly 22, 2023 14:02


Audiences flock to ‘Barbie’ and ‘Oppenheimer’

On Friday (July 21), London’s famous Leicester Square was packed with movie fans on the first day of the festive season. Barbie doll And Oppenheimer mat.

Both films have surpassed expectations at the box office after just one day of release.

London’s Leicester Square is packed as fans celebrate ‘Barbenheimer’ release

Jacob StolworthyJuly 22, 2023 13:30


Point on the door

Review aggregator site Raotten Tomatoes is a good gauge of how well received each film is.

Barbie doll are being received identically by critics and audiences – it currently has a score of 90% per film.

Meanwhile, oppeheimer going down a bit better – it has 93% critic score and 94% audience score.

Jacob StolworthyJuly 22, 2023 12:55


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