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‘Edna was indestructible’: Memorable quotes from Barry Humphries and his alter egos

Barry Humphries has spent seven decades making audiences laugh with his timeless parodies and shameless wit.

The Australian artist has died aged 89 after years of performing on both stage and television.

His characters range from Dame Edna Everage’s senior camp, to the sleazy Australian statesman Sir Les Patterson.

This is a collection of quotes by Humphries, from and about his other selves.

about humor

“I was born with a priceless gift, the ability to laugh at the misfortunes of others.”

“I can laugh at myself, I think that’s one of the precious things that Nature has given me… I think if you can’t laugh at yourself you might be missing the joke of the century.”

“I like anyone who can make me and the audience laugh.”

About political correctness

“Les Patterson can say things that are completely untrue, and it is a relief to express views that we keep private, but dare not make public – otherwise we will be history… our careers will be over. end.”

“In the early 60s, I felt Edna was exhausted. But no, she proved invincible – and a very useful mouthpiece. She can say things, for example, about political correctness that I cannot express.”

“I love making the audience gasp. I don’t want applause. I long for the sound of strong breathing. It was a good sound.”

Dame Edmana is a beloved character for generations

on Australia

“You can’t judge Australia by Australians” – like Dame Edna.

“Living permanently in Australia is like going to parties and dancing all night with your mother” – Humphries.


“I have very little interest in politics – but my characters have insights that would benefit the nation if they paid more attention to them.”

Humphries says his gift is “laughing at the misfortune of others.”

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about sanity

“For some people like me, it’s off the menu. It doesn’t work. I have it in the house for someone else. I can get you an absinthe if you want. I brought myself some terrible events.

About his fear

“I am very afraid of ghosts. I believe in them and I am very wary of them. I don’t like to sleep in haunted places and Australia is very spooky. There are ghosts there.”

Old age and in the 80’s

“It was a good round and I don’t know what I attributed it to. But I don’t exercise and I think that’s the answer.”

“Is there any CBE monitoring and if so, how long?”

About health

“I come from a family that takes illness very seriously. If someone is seriously ill, we’ll say he hasn’t been feeling well lately, which means he’s going to die.”


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