enny Blanco released her new song, Bad Decisions, with BTS and Snoop Dogg. But that’s not all. He also released an accompanying music video, and just ten hours after its debut, the clip had already racked up over seven million views.

The four-minute trending video features Benny Blanco as a super fan of BTS and the premise that it’s the day of the BTS concert. Blanco wakes up 13 hours before the concert – we know this because at regular intervals, the text will flash across the hourly countdown scene.

Blanco, the avid fan dressed up, danced in front of BTS’ big screen, made cakes and made posters for BTS, before driving to the concert. He broke, the cake hit the window, he abandoned the car and ran to the show. Squeeze? The fan arrived 28 hours early, but of course, he chose to wait to be at the top of the queue.

The newly shared track shows American record producer Blanco collaborating with Jin, Jimin, V and Jung Kook from the Korean super band. Snoop Dogg also joins Blanco in the music video, rapping in his car.

Despite the negative connotation of the title, the song conveys anything but bad emotion – it’s cool and comforting and runs along the lines of Snoop’s understanding of evil: in his verse, he said, “It is bad means bad, just as bad means good. “

And fans of the song can expect more soon. Today’s single is just a test run as Blanco prepares to release her third album later this year.

Blanco teased the collaboration in July, saying: “I’m still pinching myself” about the stars’ famous features.

But Bad Decisions isn’t Blanco’s first big-name collaboration: he’s previously worked with Justin Bieber, J Balvin, Selena Gomez, Calvin Harris and Miguel. The producer has also been nominated for ten Grammy Awards and a Golden Globe Award.

Perhaps because he was looking forward to today’s debut, perhaps because he is a true fan, or perhaps for both reasons, Blanco shared the information that he is a fan of BTS online once. time. In April, he tweeted a photo of himself with the K-Pop group saying, “I just joined the band…”

Then at the end of May, he posted another reference to BTS. This time, he shared a funny TikTok video, concluding that the male singer wrote up photos of the band members on the app: “Basically, the moral of the story is that I really love BTS .”

In May, the male singer also remixed three BTS songs, Fake Love, Life Goes On and Blood Sweat and Tears into a long ensemble. The songs were picked up by BTS’ “Army” – the official name given to their fan base.