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Best beaches in Florida to visit in 2023

IIf the first word you utter after “Florida is famous for…” is not “the beaches,” you are definitely doing it wrong. For all its modern flair and appeal, the vast stretch of white sand beach is the state’s most essential warehouse.

There’s a good reason for it, too, dating back to the end of the last Ice Age. At the time, the Appalachian Mountains were releasing large quantities of quartz crystals across the Apalachicola River, and they were concentrated in vast bands on the emerging coast of the Floridian peninsula.

That means about 25,000 years to create the seaside bliss the Sunshine State can deliver today, brimming with seaside splendor – the likes of which exist nowhere else on earth. land.

In fact, trying to determine the best beaches in the entire state is a dumb game, but it’s a game we’re happy to play. Keep scrolling for our top eight beaches in Florida, Miami and more.

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Henderson Beach State Park

There are nearly 2,000 meters of shoreline in Henderson Beach State Park

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Surrounded by unbelievable emerald waters and packed with local wildlife, including lots of dolphins, Henderson Beach is practically zero for Florida’s beach formation. The Apalachicola River is only 100 miles to the east, and the entire shoreline of The Panhandle is formed by that river of tiny quartz grains flowing into the sea. The result is a chain of barrier islands, where pure white sand dunes pile up to create an alluring natural seaside wonderland. Henderson Beach is a majestic example of this pristine environment, a perfect stretch of green and white land protected by the state.

St Pete-Clearwater

Family vacation? Think of St Pete-Clearwater

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While the state has plenty of small-scale enchantments, it’s hard to beat one that seems to last forever. Welcome to the Gulf Coast playground, which is St Pete-Clearwater, where eight distinct locations effectively form a 35-mile stretch of shimmering coastline. This is classic family territory, where the sea is calmer than the east coast and the coastline is gentle, creating wide and deep beaches. All forms of boating and water sports are also offered, including dolphin-watching excursions and deep-sea fishing, while there are plenty of beach resorts that actually have sand at the back door. .

Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach is the main city in Florida’s ‘Fun Coast’ region

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Arguably the most famous beach spot in Florida, this is where Sir Malcolm Campbell set five land speed records between 1928 and 1935, reaching a top speed of 276 mph in a race car. His Supercharged Blue Bird. Today’s speed limit on the same stretch of sand is just 10 mph, but the fact that you can totally drive on the beach is a strange remnant of those Blue Bird days, while here. also regularly organize racing. Today, attractions are softer but still include surfing and boating, as well as relaxing along this 23-mile stretch of hard sand, with its iconic fishing jetty.

De Soto . Fortress Park

A great beach, yes – but Fort De Soto Park is also the gateway to the Great Florida Birding Trail

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Hanging at the southern end of this long-standing St Pete-Clearwater corporation is a chain of five self-contained islets with a veritable island feel, home to the only major man-made structure being a Spanish-American War fortress. 1898. North Beach, with its shallow tidal pool, attracts the most families, while East Beach is popular with kite surfers. For complete seclusion, hop on a ferry to Egmont Key and explore this completely unspoiled nature reserve, or rent a canoe or kayak and paddle among the serene mangroves, where Jumping mullet and manatee can sometimes be your only companions.

Anna Maria Island

Anna Maria Island retains its old world charm

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Honeymooners and Hollywood film crews have made their way to this barrier island sanctuary for nearly 100 years, drawn in by the soft white sands and modern construction constraints that keep it alive. markedly low-rise development. Picturesque and relatively quiet outside of peak holiday periods, Anna Maria Island boasts seven distinct beaches, of which Bayfront Park is the most popular, Bean Point the most secluded, and Coquina Beach the most popular. ideal place for shell hunters. Traffic is not actively encouraged, with free trolleys on the island providing the best way to get around.

Amelia Island

Amelia Island is known as the ‘Isle of Eight Flags’, changing hands between different countries over the years

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Still a relative secret to out-of-state visitors and one of Florida’s more attractive coastal sites, this 13-mile-long island lies to the northeast and has a unique history of manufacturing. 18th century colonialism plus previous Civil War legacy. it has become a modern holiday hideaway. Surrounded by more Appalachian quartz crystals and framed by sand dunes up to 40 feet high, Amelia Island is part nature reserve and part beach resort, with the bonus of a handful of guests gorgeous hotels, including the Ritz-Carlton and the Omni. Ride horses on the beach at Peters Point and explore 19th-century Fort Clinch State Park.

The key to nap

White quartz sand and turquoise water? That’s the Siesta key

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When it comes to the softest sand you’ll ever feel under your feet, the Siesta Key gives both thumbs up to celebrate its main charm. Just south of Sarasota on the Gulf Coast, this ultimate destination is not a sleepy suburb but a veritable seaside superstar. At its heart is the sheer white expanse of Crescent Beach, a wonderful mile-long arc of fine sand and shallow sea that includes a coral outcrop popular with snorkelers. Sand is a rare 99 percent quartz that accounts for a dazzling white intensity that reflects enough sunlight to stay cool underfoot.

Miami Beach

Argubaly Most Remarkable Beach Strip in the United States

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You simply can’t get around Florida’s sandy shores without including the most photographed, most beautiful, most iconic stretch of sand in the state’s 825 miles. Miami Beach covers just over eight miles of that total but has a larger media profile than all the others combined thanks to TV shows like Vice Miami and movies like scar face, bird cage And bad boy. This fenced island is one of the most recognizable places in the world and it revels in its glossy movie star image, providing a place for beauties as well as Joe Tourist.

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