ichelin-star cuisine from an on-site organic farm. Harnessing natural air conditioning from the sea breeze. Wild pools are cleaned with plants instead of chlorine.

Committing to a sustainable home no longer means pitching your tent in a wet field and eating homegrown vegetables. A new wave of luxury eco-hotels is emerging a short train ride from the capital, and many of them are planetary pioneers: the climate-conscious Cornish bolthole Scarlet just won the Seaside Hotel of the Year in last year’s “Oscars of the Industry,” Good Hotel Guide; West Sussex’s South Lodge Hotel Spa has just become a B-Corp for its commitment to responsible tourism; and Hampshire’s Heckfield Place were awarded a Michelin Green Star in February for their locally sourced menu. Top eco-chef Skye Gyngell from Spring at Somerset House recently joined as culinary director.

So which one to put? First, choose your green color. From the Sussex Regency mansion with its own wine cellar and vineyard to the climate-appropriate treehouses nestled in the Peak District, here are the most eco-friendly hotels in the UK.

Regency’s paradise with its own vineyard: The Pig in the South Downs, Sussex

Hours from London: Two

USP: Local pole wine. The hotel’s on-site vineyard includes 4,000 Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier vines and will have its first harvest in the summer of 2023.


Local is the order of the day at each of The Pig’s eight award-winning countryside potholes, but the newest addition to its litter – a relaxed Regency mansion in the heart of the South Downs – is the most sustainable to date. Like its brethren, everything on the menu is sourced from a 25-mile radius, and most of it is at closer proximity: Pig’s on-site apple orchard, pickle room, flock South Downs sheep and two-acre kitchen garden, where staff are working hard to grow and collect everything from the edible flowers you’ll find on your cocktails to signature desserts of rhubarb and custard on the evening menu of South Downs Meets The Sea.

Don’t expect to find your avocado with your eggs in the morning: instead, breakfast is an impressively varied meal because it’s all grown nearby – think hard-boiled eggs, berry bread, granola Homemade, giant macaroons and mashed peas on rye bread with lemon and chili. Much of the furniture is recycled or reused and the bar coasters and napkin rings are made from old menu items.

Rooms from £165,

The clifftop eco-resort: Scarlet Hotel, Cornwall

Hours from London: Five

USP: Sun, sea and sustainable design. The entire hotel has been carefully considered for the climate, from the construction of the building to the flip flops in the spa

bright red

This seaside north Cornwall ski trail has been a pioneer in ecotourism since it opened in Magwan Porth near Newquay in 2009. Key to it winning numerous awards lasting? The level of detail is quirky, from low-energy LED lighting that goes off when no one is around to spa flip-flops, made from recycled tires. Unlike many eco-hotels, this climate-conscious thinking started from the very beginning, with the insulation from the old hotel removed and sent to a sanctuary for monkeys and more than 120 species of small reptiles that live there. in the old stone walls are reused.

In its place: a new, sleek sustainability-first hotel made from recyclable materials, with Tesla chargers in the parking lot and replacement and reuse at the heart of the device. design: cool Atlantic sea breezes replace the need for air conditioning; Reeds and algae are used to clean the pool instead of chemicals; and the plumbing has been cleverly designed to reuse “gray water” (wastewater from showers and tubs) to flush the toilet. The roof itself is lined with seagrass, a native plant species that provides a better ecosystem for local insects, and the vertical wooden pillars surrounding the hotel’s garden are stilts against coastal erosion. sea ​​from the nearby harbor.

But Scarlet is proof that protecting the planet need not get in the way of a luxury experience. Scarlet’s indoor pool is kept warm using a sophisticated solar heating system, the top of the hot tub doesn’t bubble so you can listen to the ocean below, fresh tea and coffee brewed and brought to your room on request to save money on tea. Waste disposable plastic bags and trays. The soap bars are sourced from a local producer in Cornwall and guests are invited to take home in an organic cotton bag to minimize waste.

From £245,

Michelin Star Manor (Green): Heckfield Place, Hampshire

Hours from London: One or two

USP: Farm, but make it luxurious. Heckfield is the UK’s first hotel to be certified 100% dynamic thanks to its on-site organic farm

Heckfield Place

Flip through Heckfield’s 65,000-follower Instagram and you’ll find all the signs of an elegant Georgian country house favored by A-listers in London (Harry and Meghan honeymooned here). in 2019): the monumental red brick facade, the dining room decked out with traditional wood paneling, the Bridgerton-worthy play area – which makes for the fact that it tops almost all lists Sustainable hotels become even more impressive.

The 438-acre property is at the forefront of sustainable tourism, with plastic-free rooms and biomass heating, but the crown jewel in Heckfield’s eco-crown is food. Marle’s in-house restaurant boasts chef Skye Gyngell (famous from Spring at Somerset House) as culinary director and was recently awarded a Michelin Blue Star, an ethics and environmental award given by just 23 restaurants. The hotel’s bio-farm is nestled among baseball, badminton and canoeing on the 400-acre property. Be sure to come and say hello to 400 free-range chickens, 53 sheep, 10 saddleback pigs and 60 dairy cows.

From £450,

Climate conscious city: The Zetter Hotel, London

Hours from London: Zero. The hotel is a five-minute walk from Farringdon Station, in the heart of Clerkenwell

USP: Electric pedal. Food delivered by PedalMe cycle courier bike and free Brompton bike for visitors around town

Zetter townhouse

Zetter saved 20% of their energy consumption last year – proof of their dedication to protecting the planet. The boutique hotel Clerkenwell is a converted Victorian warehouse and has its own 1,500ft borehole underneath the building to drain and cool the fridge and bedrooms, making the hotel almost entirely self-sufficient.

Rooms feature toxic-free REN toiletries, air conditioning that shuts off when you open the windows, and a bedroom occupant detection system for minimal energy burn when you’re not there. Expect a skylight window and a naturally lit central skylight – a dream for natural light lovers.

From £142,

Farm-powered Inn: The Wild Rabbit, Cotswolds

Hours from London: Two or three (there are charging points in the parking lot if you’re driving)

USP: The goodness provided by Daylesford. The property is part of the Cotswolds’ famous Daylesford estate, one of the UK’s most sustainable organic farms.

Wild rabbit

The flowers are carefully selected from an organically manicured garden. Surface made of reclaimed wood. Locally sourced, seasonal dishes are prepared in the award-winning, zero-waste kitchen. The magic of a stay at The Wild Rabbit is that almost everything comes down to the property on which it is located: Daylesford, its dense hedges and wildflower meadows, which visitors are encouraged to explore by walking Walk or bike (walking and bike maps are available at reception).

The property consists of 13 elegant pub rooms and several cottages a short walk away, each with electric agas and low energy lighting powered by 1,800 solar panels spread throughout the farm. In the rooms, the mattresses are handcrafted with ponytail, the canvas and oiled panelling has been restored and redone, and the walls are plastered with natural lime. Each room in the tavern is named after an animal found within a three-mile walk – look out for the wild boar rumored to roam the nearby Odddington Ashes.

From £175,

Wood huts: Tawny Hotel, Staffordshire

Hours from London: Four

USP: Your own eco bubble. Tawny is made up of 55 idyllic shepherds’ huts, cozy cabins, treehouses and houseboats set on a 70-acre property


The Tawny does not have flood or street lighting. Instead, soak the outside of your eco-hut in a luxurious copper spa bath (chemical-free) lit by fairy lights. Stargazing parachutes and recycled bicycles are available at reception for bird-watching excursions and rides around the restored wilderness gardens of the Consall Hall Estate in Staffordshire.

The hotel opened in July, with each of its huts designed to mimic the woodland surroundings and menus sourced from Staffordshire and the Peak District, as well as the on-site kitchen garden.

From £230,

Wild Swim Sanctuary: South Lodge Hotel Spa, West Sussex

Hours from London: One

USP: UK’s first wild swimming pool, providing oxygen for plants to purify water

Southern Hostel

South Lodge is a pioneer when it comes to sustainability for the first time: not only did their Exclusive hospitality group become the UK’s first hotel group to become a B-Corp last year, but it’s also where features the country’s first wild pool, an outdoor paradise. wildlife and the environment thanks to a process that uses plants instead of chemicals to clean the water. Bye bye chlorine feeling.

There’s also an indoor infinity pool, invigorating hydrotherapy pool and spa, along with a menu of plants sourced from the South Downs to treat yourself to afterward. The popular Wasted Burger is made entirely from pulp from freshly brewed juice in the morning.

From £285,

Zero Waste Resort: Lympstone Manor, Devon

Hours from London: Four

USP: Birds, bees and butterflies. The hotel has its own beehives, butterfly meadow, and partners with the Devon Wildlife Trust to welcome flocks of pet birds, hounds and red-footed birds to the Exe estuary

Steven Brownhill

Nothing goes to waste at this Lympstone-rated 5-star five-star manor property in Georgia: wood from damaged or fallen trees is reused for seating and walkways, trash Kitchens and decorations are recycled to enhance food stocks, and there is an on-site recycling and consolidation center to ensure minimal waste to landfill.

Choose from 21 rooms and suites on the main manor or six Shepherds Cabins in the woods for a weekend exploring Exe Estuary and Jurassic Coast, but be sure to spend time exploring closer to home. The 28-acre property is also home to a tennis court, swimming pool and pool house restaurant opening this month, a 10.8-hectare vineyard and world-class wine cellar, plus award-winning fine dining Michelin by celebrity chef Michael Caines MBE.

From £360,


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