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Where to go on holiday in August 2023: Best destinations

As summer approaches, people will pay more attention to plans with family and friends for the long-awaited trip abroad.

With brighter days, warmer temperatures, and children out of school, August remains a popular choice of month for summer vacation.

While UK weather can range from heatwaves to downpours, many destinations have near-constant sunshine coupled with more manageable daily temperatures.

Some places are best avoided during the peak of summer, such as Seville, where temperatures can regularly hit 40C. However, there are so many attractive destinations that August is the perfect month for a vacation, whether you’re looking to get active or just lounging on a sun lounger.

From an island in Greece to the coast of Portugal, lakes in Italy to a city in Colombia, here are some destinations that are sure to inspire your August summer vacation.

Crete, Greece

View of Chania, a town in Crete

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  • Average temperature in August: 29C
  • Number of hours of sunshine in a day: 11

With an average temperature of just under 30 degrees Celsius and just under 12 hours of sunshine a day, August in Crete offers a more pleasant and temperate experience than nearby Corfu or mainland Greece. As Greece’s largest and most populous island, Crete is a mountainous island as famous for its historical importance (think of the Minoans) as it is for its beaches.

Tourists can visit the capital city of Heraklion to see its beautiful old harbour, Venetian architecture, and the ruins of the (supposedly) oldest city in the world, Knossos. Alternatively, head to Chania for another beautiful harbor, colorful buildings and beautiful beaches. Other towns, such as Rethymno, are less touristy for those hoping for more of an “authentic” Greek experience.

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Great, France

The town of Nice in the south of France is home to miles of sandy beaches

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  • Average temperature in August: 28C
  • Number of hours of sunshine in a day: ten

One of the most popular cities on the French Riviera, Nice has long been a tourist destination. It is known that Queen Victoria visited several times, while other visits by European aristocracy in the 18th and 19th centuries contributed to making it a trendy destination.

Today, Nice stands out as one of the most accessible and affordable places in the south of France and was recently awarded Unesco World Heritage status in 2021. With several squares, private beaches (and the famous Promenade des Anglais), a picturesque harbor and buzzing nightlife, Nice’s upscale reputation has made it a city for all everybody.

Valencia, Spain

Valencia’s main square and town hall

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  • Average temperature in August: 31C
  • Number of hours of sunshine in a day: ten

Spain’s third city has become increasingly popular with foreign tourists in recent years. With miles of golden sand, warm sea and the guarantee of heat and sunshine, it also has a large old town with cobbled streets, a variety of quality restaurants, classy bars and independent stores.

Three impressive squares and a stunning cathedral form the focal point of the city, while the beaches of Malvarrosa and Patacona are home to dozens of cafes, beach bars, and excellent restaurants (often paella). lead), soccer and volleyball courts, and dozens of fun venues. local people. Attractions include the City of Arts and Sciences (and its aquarium), the 12-kilometer-long Garden of Turia, and the Holy Grail, said to have been used by Jesus at the Last Supper.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik is perhaps best known for its Walled Old Town

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  • Average temperature in August: 30C
  • Number of hours of sunshine in a day: 11

Located near the Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik is Croatia’s seaside gem. Although more recently famous for being the filming location of Game of Thrones, the Old Town, surrounded by 16th-century walls, is filled with Baroque and Gothic architecture, impressive squares and limestone streets.

Visitors can walk along some sections of the wall before entering some of the medieval buildings, such as the clock tower or the cathedral. Although in places with pebbles, the beaches offer great access to the clear blue waters of the Adriatic, and both houses – along with the Old Town – are a fun part of the city’s nightlife.

British Colombia, Canada

Emerald Lake in Yoho National Park, British Colombia

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  • Average temperature in August: 21C
  • Number of hours of sunshine in a day: 11

Although cooler than some summer vacations, August is the ideal month to visit one of Canada’s most beautiful provinces. Home to the city of Vancouver, part of the Canadian Rockies and amazing forests and lakes, British Colombia is at its best in the summer, when the full range of outdoor activities can be enjoyed. .

The cooler temperatures allow you to get outside and roam in any of the seven national parks, where you can swim, hike, fish, bike, and kayak as you please. . If you like, visit Vancouver – the third largest city in the country – or head to Whistler; Even outside of the ski season, the popular resort town offers plenty of natural beauty and opportunities for physical activity. Parts of the province get up to seven days of rain in August, but you can seize this opportunity to see areas of stunning natural beauty in different conditions.

Algarve, Portugal

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  • Average temperature in August: 29C
  • Number of hours of sunshine in a day: 11

A popular British destination, visit the Algarve for its golden, rugged beaches, picturesque towns, blue seas and skies. This southern Portuguese ski resort has some great spots to soak up the sun in August, with its mild Mediterranean climate it’s usually cooler than elsewhere in the country.

Faro, the regional capital, has a main airport and also cobbled streets, neoclassical architecture and green spaces nearby. Albufeira, 46 km away, is one of the most popular beach and party towns in the region, with cliffs, hidden coves and a number of adventure activities. Lagos offers similar beaches but with a quieter and more laid-back atmosphere. Tavira and Silves offer a similar range of activities and beaches as well as beautiful Old Towns.

Medellin, Colombia

An aerial view of Medellín

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  • Average temperature in August: 29C
  • Number of hours of sunshine in a day: 11

While many nearby destinations are ending (or in the midst of) winter in August, Medellin’s location (just over 400 miles north of the equator) means August temperatures remain high. .

Dubbed the “City of Eternal Spring” due to its good weather, the city was once more famous for drug production than as a tourist destination. However, the vast city in the mountains of Antioquia has improved a lot in recent years, with recent advancements in transportation and infrastructure that have earned it an award from the Urban Land Institute. The most innovative city in the world. It is now well-known as a clean, prosperous and safe city, with a number of features – such as wildlife, an extensive metro system and cable cars – that contribute to making it a better city. into one”hipster vacation destination“.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

View of Ljubljana and the river Ljubljanica

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  • Average temperature in August: 27C
  • Number of hours of sunshine in a day: ten

Slovenia’s capital is another city that has become a hipster destination in recent years, for good reason. With the river and medieval castle at its heart, the city has a number of lesser-known cultural attractions and plenty of opportunities to learn about the area’s often little-studied history. The city is home to many great bars and restaurants (both on the riverside and further into town). Those looking to combine an urban break with some country escapism can combine a visit with a trip to Lake Bled, a lakeside town just an hour from the capital. Its idyllic setting and small size make for an easy place to relax and unwind by the water.

Trincomalee, Sri Lanka

Huts and boats on the beach in Trincomalee

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  • Average temperature in August: 34C
  • Number of hours of sunshine in a day: 9

Anyone looking to travel further afield might want to head to the Indian Ocean. The weather in Sri Lanka varies quite a bit across the island, but August is a great opportunity to visit the north.

Jaffna may offer a taste of a city, and Wilpattu National Park is home to the natural beauty of its lakes, but Trincomalee offers both – with the addition of stunning beach and harbor areas. Gokarna Bay is known for its white sand, while the city has historic Hindu temples like Koneswaram and Bhadrakali Amman. If you don’t like the beaches, you can head to nearby Kanniya and visit the hot springs.

Milan and the Lakes, Italy

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  • Average temperature in August: 29C
  • Number of hours of sunshine per day: 8

Renowned as the fashion capital, Milan is one of the most accessible cities in Italy due to the number of daily flights from the UK. In summer, it welcomes fewer tourists than southern destinations and is generally much cooler, with an average temperature of 29 degrees Celsius ensuring it remains a smart choice for summer.

Although the city itself is full of cultural, historical, architectural and recreational attractions, the nearby lakes Como, Maggiore and Garda can be reached by direct train service (the the trip takes from 40 minutes to over an hour) and offers plenty of picturesque views. with lakeside scenery. While it may take planning ahead to minimize some costs, the chance to soak up some lakeside sunshine just before ordering your risotto may be too good for some to turn down.

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