He’s approaching the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. The historic event marks the Queen’s 70th record on the throne. Of course, this means that fervent royalists at home and abroad will dig up old copies of Hello! magazines, review well-reviewed photo sessions of past royal christenings, and polish their commemorative merchandise. The rest of us would type “where to buy bunting” into Google and panic buy Battenberg.

But while we assemble our gentle Jubilee preparations, London’s most luxurious hotels are in the process of undertaking much more elaborate tributes to the Queen. Expect perfect triangular cucumber sandwiches, royal (and powerful) themed cocktails shaken by the country’s best mixologists, and enough champagne to fill Buckingham Palace. So if the idea of ​​making small talk with your neighbors, local street parties, and overeating mini hot dogs doesn’t sound appealing, why not head to one of these hotels for yourself during the holiday season? Bumper.


The iconic ballroom has seen the likes of Queen Victoria, Audrey Hepburn, Winston Churchill, Kate Moss, and of course Elizabeth II, sipping martinis and hurling designs all over the floors of the ballroom. it. The hotel was so popular among the royals that it was nicknamed “the annex of Buckingham Palace”. With such royal patronage, it seemed fitting that the hotel had pulled out all stops to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee, with an exhibit stocking rare items from the 1953 coronation. of the Queen, including the original menu from the coronation dinner.

Rooms from £1,020 per night;


/ Claridge’s


The Standard Hotel has embarked on a cake-making session at Violet Cakes in east London to create a one-metre-tall cake just for guests over Jubilee weekend. Ptak, who baked Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding cake, will whip up a four-tier dark chocolate cake, laced with dark purple liqueur and filled with dark currant, topped with purple butter cream, to satisfy The Queen’s favorite flavor. Hotel guests will be treated to a slice of cake and a bottle of champers upon arrival. So what are you waiting for, bring a fork and some elastic pants and take your reservation.

Rooms from £409 per night;

Heckfield Place, Hampshire

Escape the bank holiday noise and raise a glass of organic sulphate-free wine to your majesty in the magnificent grounds of Heckfield Place. The Georgian country estate is the perfect place to live out your Jane Austen fantasy with a schedule of wild swimming, boating and lawn football. The hotel organized a series of regal activities for the Jubilee weekend, starting with a 5-course feast in the Playground, followed by flower crown workshops and a cake decorating contest.

Rooms from £450 per night;

Café Royal Hotel

No stranger to a major event, this central Soho hotel has hosted Oscar Wilde, Virginia Woolf, Princess Diana, Edward VIII, Muhammad Ali, Louis Armstrong, Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Sean Connery, David Bowie … we can continue. The point is, they know how to throw a party, and the Queen’s Jubilee will be no different. Guests staying in the Royal Suite will be driven to the Tower of London in Daimler once owned by the Queen Mother, before being given a private tour of the Crown Jewels and an à la carte meal in the Tower. Of course, royal treatment comes with a price, so the hotel will also offer royal jewelry and afternoon tea experiences to guests staying in non-royal rooms. This includes a private tour of the royal crown collection, followed by an afternoon tea session and a lesson in tea etiquette. Little finger ready!

The Jubilee Experience costs £14,795. Royal Jewels and Afternoon Tea Experience from June 1 – October 1 and costs £12,295 a night;


/ Cliveden


Whether you want to celebrate the Queen or just feel like you’re part of the royal family, this is the place to stay. The palatial hotel and former home of the Duke of Buckingham is steeped in crystal chandeliers, Italian marble and regal history. Take a bank holiday to soak up the heat wave by the iconic Cliveden pool, where the infamous Profumo Deal began, or take a classic boat ride to spin along the Thames. After working with cravings, end the day with a Jubilee-themed afternoon tea. On the menu, you’ll discover the Queen’s favorite chocolate chip cookies, coronation sandwiches and Queen Victoria’s favorite Cliveden snack, a Vicky sponge.

Rooms from £495 a night including breakfast;


/ Connaught

Connaught Hotel

This institution is synonymous with British quintessence and has organized the great and the good for the founding of Great Britain over the centuries. Rumor has it, this is where Generals Charles De Gaulle and Winston Churchill hatched plans for the D-Day landings in 1944. The hotel has long been a crime bastion in this Mayfair-like village, so it seems appropriate. The hotel will then hold its own street party on June 5 for hotel guests and the Mountain Street community to celebrate the Jubilee. Expect bunting, long tables, a brass band and of course strawberries and ice cream.

The Connaught Jubilee street party will take place from 12-3pm on June 5;

Beaverbrook, Surrey

Imagine soaring over Surrey Hills in a hot air balloon, sipping a Bolly and dropping in a plate of raw fish. Well, this dream could very well come true thanks to Beaverbrook’s Jubilee’s epic festival. The home of Lord Beaverbrook, Winston Churchill’s best friend and a pioneer of the Spitfire jet, is certainly the best place to toast the monarch who presided over the Second World War. But not only are hot air balloons and fine Japanese cuisine high on the bank holiday agenda, Beaverbrook has organized drive-in experiences where guests are invited to take a vintage Jag out with them. a picnic item that will make Fortnum and Mason green with envy.

Rooms from £770 per night;


/ Mitre

The Miter, Hampton Court

What better place to spend Jubilee weekend then in the grounds of Henry VIII’s favorite palace, Hampton Court. Following in the footsteps of the holiday-loving king, The Miter Hotel is hosting a grand musical party on the banks of the Thames, but fear not, this party will involve more whispering Angels and less bloodshed great number of. From June 2-3, Miter’s gardens and terraces will hum to music, from saxophonists and jazz bands to classical orchestras lulling guests to a nap after the soothing tunes of Beethoven’s Moonlight Love Song.

Rooms from £310 per night;

The Goring

/ The Goring

The Goring

This Belgravia hotel is just a short distance from Buckingham Palace and where Kate Middleton stayed the night before her wedding to Wills. Thanks to its proximity to the palace, it’s the perfect place to feel a part of the Jubilee action without actually stepping foot into the Mall. Head chef Graham Squire has scoured The Goring’s archives to uncover dishes served to crowned guests 70 years ago and will recreate the original menu of consomme, fillet, and consomme. of Edinburgh soles, asparagus in melted butter and Windsor strawberry parfait in tribute. Apparently guests are encouraged to wash all this down with the Jubilee Fizz – a Champagne cocktail with mint Beirao and peach liqueur.

Rooms from £868 per night on Jubilee weekend;


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