he has a never-ending desire to look better, younger, live longer, and at the same time understand how to cope with the pressures of life at the age of 21st fast lane century. From figuring out which foods are best for our microbiome, to figuring out the best workout routines for our busy schedules – it’s no wonder we remember how to relax.

Health spas, like our best picks below, are one-stop-shops where you can get your wellness analyzed, tweaked, and provided with an itinerary. individually through a dizzying array of options to become lighter, leaner, sharper, healthier and full of new vitality – all in 24 hours.

Sha Health Clinic, Spain

SHA . Residential Area

One night at dinner, there was a magician, conjuring cards from behind my ears, but honestly, they all seemed to be magicians at SHA. That includes the chef whose macro dishes are a constant delight from umami-rich miso soup at breakfast (ideal for stabilizing blood pressure) to seaweed and seafood soups at lunch, to Scallops and creamy peas with grilled celery at dinner. There are three menus for you to choose from depending on your weight loss requirements and doctor’s prescription. And with the 900 calorie menu, I lost 3 kg in 5 days.

I am always busy with a variety of treatments and consultations. Dr. Bruno Ribeiro measures my brain waves (fatigue) in a fascinating neurocognitive assessment. Dr. Mera, explains that muscle needs 80 calories to survive while fat only needs eight calories and the lovely Gemma told me during my colon irrigation that “bubbles can last up to two years in the colon, so if you’re going to drink them, you might as well drink good champagne.”

Having an excellent Guatemalan dentist can give you the perfect smile; an ozone cleaner and a French cosmetologist. Dr. Dalbos specializes in minimally invasive treatments such as age spots removal and inevitable gravity reversal. “I want to make people feel better about themselves,” she told me. Something I definitely felt upon departure.

SHA . Residential Area

Prices for a 4-day Rebalancing program at SHA Wellness Clinic start at €1,800 (about £1,540) per person. 7 and 14 day programs are also available;

Palazzo Fiuggi, Italy

Tyson Saddle

Perfectly located between Rome and Naples, the Palazzo Fiuggi launched last year offers a full medical clinic integrated into a luxury hotel (as evidenced by the best bed and pillow I’ve had in a while). space). There, in addition to the purifying, rewarding effects of drinking Fiuggi water directly from the hot springs (good for expelling kidney stones), you can bathe in the magnesium detox pools or opt for a detox 21st century style with Far Infrared technology with plasma and light. Don’t miss the seriously relaxing Psammo treatment, where the dry heat of natural quartz sand coaxes you into getting a massage. The blood draw and diagnosis happened the first morning, ‘In the morning I was a little vampire,’ said nurse Federica as she refilled another vial.

After the check-up, I started working on one of the 10 available menu plans that included immune boosting, optimal weight loss, epigenetics, deep detox and ayurvedic. The menu’s culinary author is Heinz Beck, whose dedication to healthy eating is as highly regarded as his 3-Michelin-starred restaurant in Rome. No red meat or butter is served here, but the variety and delicious dishes I’ve had, include beetroot soup with almond cream and cod fillet in a mint crust with artichokes helped me lose 1.5 kg in three days.

Tyson Saddle

Pools abound, but I finally found something I enjoy doing in the gym; Reax Compact, provides awareness and response training to lights and movement. It allowed me to use the white tracksuit provided on arrival and not feel completely deceived.

Healing Holidays can arrange a 7-night Rebirth from £3,819 per person sharing, including British Airways flights, transfers, 3-board meals and program inclusions;

Estoril Health Center, Portugal

Estoril . Wellness Center

Belonging to the historic Palacio Estoril, known for its flashy parties and wartime history of spies and conspiracies (Ian Fleming wrote Casino Royale here), a mix of Banyan Tree Spa and wellness center The medical facility is located directly across the street from the hotel (with an underground tunnel in case of rain). Book a hotel room and you can get a personalized meal plan from an on-site dietitian. After Margarida analyzes your profile using biofeedback and dark field microscopy can flag food intolerances and potential health problems. The focus is on rehabilitation with Pilates Reformer and postural correction classes, supported by hydrotherapy sessions in the therapy pool, which also features a range of pre and postnatal treatments including physiotherapy. pelvic therapy and even breastfeeding support.

Facial treatments using Sothys, the holistic brand Arôs Natur and Biologique Recherche; Body sculpting treatments include cavitation, a non-invasive fat grafting method that uses low-frequency ultrasound waves to move fat out of cells and through metabolism. There was proper lymphatic drainage, ozone therapy and an excellent osteopathic physician, Isabel Tomáz, who rebalanced the musculoskeletal and sacral systems. But under the comprehensive umbrella of the center, you can also find stress management, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and psychiatric neurology. Make sure you book time with therapist Paulo Fonte, who excels at Watsu and Qi Gong.

Physical therapy

/ Estoril . Wellness Center

Healing Holidays can arrange a 7-day Physical Rehabilitation program from £1,519.00 per person sharing, including British Airways flights, transfers, accommodation, daily breakfast dates and services included in the plan;

Chenot Espace at One & Only Portonovi, Montenegro

Indoor swimming pool at Chenot Espace

/ Chenot Space

I only had one day to taste this when it came out last summer but it was enough to decide to return. Advanced diagnostic tests using the trademark Chenot lifestyle biomarker (their printer used a lot of red ink at my stress level) and the Chenot vitality index, along with the The consultation of Dr. Gordana Rajović, head of the impressionist, allows the program to be completely tailored to individual needs. But all are aimed at activating the body’s ability to heal itself, strengthening the defense mechanisms and preventing disease, the pillars of the biological or life science concept of the founder Chenot.

His core approach is ‘you need to live in harmony with yourself for optimal health’. This is achieved in Montenegro through treatments such as bioenergy massage or phyto mud therapy, ozone therapy or nutritional therapy along with an attractive reduced-calorie Chenot Biolight menu. I lingered for lunch of deep-fried beet and lentil hummus, rocket salad with walnuts and tagliatelle rice with vegetables and soy sauce while watching the sun rise over the azure waters of the Bay of Kotor. All of this plus state-of-the-art fitness facilities surrounded by sparkling marble and in the sound of the ocean demanded our attention. I’ll come back.

Rates start from €1,690 for 3 days/4 nights with accommodation in Portonovi rooms from €1,485 based on 2 people sharing;


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