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Birmingham Airport facing potential strikes over summer over pay dispute

Solidarity is voting for workers at Birmingham Airport, who they say have faced two years of real wage cuts, with industrial action possible mid-July

Industrial action could cause disruption at Birmingham airport (PA)

Birmingham Airport could be the latest airport to go on strike this summer if workers who have faced real wage cuts for two years quit their jobs.

The West Midlands Visitor Center is facing the risk of chaos if 100 security personnel, terminal technicians and aircraft refueling staff employed by Menzies continue with their plans to leave.

Workers will get to vote on pay, with the majority of those surveyed being security officers with a “discord” working style, earning around £11.50, according to Unite.

The union says employees have faced two years of actual cuts and if they don’t get a substantial raise, recruitment and retention problems at the airport will worsen.

Strikes can take place from mid-July (BPM MEDIA)

Some security staff at Birmingham Airport received a 2.8% pay rise. The actual inflation rate was 13.8% over that period, meaning some people suffered an 11% pay cut.

Unite said those workers have been offered a 7.75% pay rise this year, as well as a one-time £850 payment. This is lower than the current 8.7% increase in the consumer price index, which measures the cost of a select basket of goods.

Menzies workers, who drive oil tankers and refuel three-quarters of the planes at the airport, turned down an offer of 9% pay, after a 6% increase last year.


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