Birmingham Airport saw a lot of people queuing and waiting yesterday, with one traveler estimated to be queuing “a kilometer” at peak.

Queues from 5am to 8am stretched outside the station, with social media users posting videos and pictures of lines of holidaymakers waiting at the drop-off area.

“The queue at Birmingham Airport is worse than the media is reporting! Give yourself at least 5 hours before your flight! ” tweeted Jon Rowe just before 6am.

Not long after 7am, Lee Griffiths posted some pictures of the queue, writing: “Absolute chaos at @bhx_official this morning. Line up out the door. Not all baggage lines work. “

Matthew Broome quipped on Twitter at 7:30 a.m.

Birmingham, along with other UK and Ireland airports including Gatwick, Manchester and Dublin, have suffered from hour-long queues as travel resumes post-pandemic.

An airport spokesman told Birmingham Mail Yesterday, 7,500 people who had been booked to fly during the day’s peak dawn, were informed of the decision to line up security outside. They say the lines are “long but managed and moved”.

However, a tourist told Birmingham Mail that the queue they encountered was “one kilometer” long.

In an interview with BBC WM Last week, the airport’s chief executive Nick Barton said: “The legacy of the industry is still on again after the government scrapped the rules in mid-February.”

Mr Barton also mentioned a 12-week “latency” between hiring new airport staff and bringing them to work in the terminal.

This morning, social media users reported queuing at Birmingham was smoother, with some saying security was “super quiet” or praising queue times of around an hour.

The airport’s social media team does not advise passengers to show up earlier than the airline’s announced boarding time, writing this morning: “We advise passengers to arrive at the terminal on time for the airline’s check-in time. air”.

A spokesperson for Birmingham Airport said: “Queues were well managed and moving this morning as we have helped many of the more than 14,000 customers who booked out of BHX today (Tuesday, Feb. May 10).

“As always, we ask customers to arrive at the airport exactly when your airline tells us to – and to help us help you keep the queue moving by removing any liquids, gels, powders, etc. any slime and electrical goods out of your pocket in front of our security x-ray scanners.”

Manchester Airport has also experienced several queues over the past week, with some passengers missing their flights or in tears. Yesterday, some passengers said they had “never seen it as bad as this”.


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