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BLACKPINK becomes the first K-pop band headline UK music festival

K-pop girl band BLACKPINK made history at the Hyde Park Collection by becoming the first Korean band to lead a major UK music festival. Their performance features a signature blend of swagger and sweetness.

The K-pop group consisting of Jisoo, Jennie, Rose and Lisa wrapped up the second weekend of the annual event in London in front of 65,000 sold-out fans. They opened their performance with screams and pink fireworks shot up from the stage – the girls walked onto the stage in different white outfits.

“What’s wrong, Hyde Park?” asked Rose, who spoke mostly on set in London, before each girl introduced herself to a cheering crowd who knew them all too well.

The girls performed How You Like That, performing choreography popular with fans – affectionately known as Blinks – before taking to the stage for Pretty Savage, Kick It and Whistle.

The four girls performed solo acts before leaving the stage for a short time when female artists took over. When they came back, they danced BOOMBAYAH, Typa Girl and Shut Down.

The pink heart-shaped lightsticks present in every Blackpink concert dotted the crowd of singing fans. Although the band performed nearly all of their hits, their fans, commonly known as the Blinks, have complained about the band not performing the right numbers. Kill this love and expressed disappointment on Twitter.

BLACKPINK closed the night with Forever Young, in which the girls sang “I could die in this moment” as they hugged and waved to the crowd before disappearing below the stage.

BLACKPINK’s performance was followed by performances by Sabrina Carpenter, The Rose, and Rebecca Black.

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