The Hall of Famer George Osborne has predicted that the UK will return to the European Union in 20 years.

The former Conservative Prime Minister claimed Brexit had “caused a lot of damage to the UK economy”.

Speaking to LBC, Mr Osborne said: “Politics cannot defy reality … it is not a utopia in 20 years’ time, to have a series of economic agreements with the EU that are not too far off the beaten path. economic agreement that we had when we were in the European Union.

“In many ways, the people I respect most are Brexiteers, who say Brexit will have an economic cost, but have other benefits, such as parliamentary control and sovereignty. to our borders.

“Nonsense and still nonsense are those who say Brexit is a great economic move to benefit the UK economy, or a great act of free trade.

“It was the biggest act of protectionism in British history, and that’s only really now, now it’s fully implemented, it’s become clear, and that’s why the trade Free trade with Europe must be a priority for any government over the next few years.”



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