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Saint Von Colucci death: ‘Canadian actor dies aged 22’ after ‘12 cosmetic surgeries to look like BTS star Jimin’

Canadian actor Saint Von Colucci is believed to have passed away after a series of expensive plastic surgeries to resemble BTS’s Jimin.

The 22-year-old actor has apparently been cast as the musician in the upcoming series for a US-based streaming platform.

Online email The actor’s journalist reported that he died after suffering complications from one of the surgeries.

Reports of Colucci’s death went viral on Korean media sites following the report in Lettersalthough the actor’s lack of social media presence and unidentified profile have led to confusion and claims of a possible AI-generated hoax.

independence was unable to contact the publisher or its agent.

According to reports, on Saturday night (April 22), the actor had surgery at a Korean hospital to remove the jaw grafts he had implanted in November with significant risks.

Colucci is believed to have contracted an infection from the transplant and was intubated before his death.

“It’s tragic and very unfortunate,” journalist Eric Blake told the news agency.

Among the other surgeries Colucci has undergone are facelifts, nose jobs, eye and eyebrow lifts as well as lip reduction.

The outlet reported that the cumulative cost of the 12 surgeries Colucci underwent was $220,000 (£176,000).

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Blake said: “He was very insecure about his appearance. “He has a very square jawline and chin and he doesn’t like the shape of it because he thinks it’s too wide and wants a V-shape, the shape that many Asians have.”

According to his journalist, Colucci was informed about the risks of jaw implants, but decided to have surgery anyway.

Colucci is said to have moved to Korea from Canada in 2019 to pursue a career in the music industry.

Last year, he was said to have acted in a Korean drama beautiful lie (cogimar), was filmed between June and December and will be released on a US streaming service later this year.


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