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Bus travel to stay cheaper for longer in Warwickshire – Warwickshire County Council

It’s great news for the public as the government announced that single adult bus fares will continue to be capped at £2 until the end of October, making bus travel cheaper.

In addition to expanding this popular scheme, the government has also announced that, from November 2023, single adult fares will be capped at £2.50 for another 12 months.

The plan means that bus passengers in Warwickshire will only pay up to £2 for a bus ride, regardless of distance traveled. The government has committed to invest an additional £200 million to expand the programme. Further investment has also been confirmed to protect the vital bus services that people rely on for work, education, medical appointments and shopping.

Most bus operators in Warwickshire are already signed up to this scheme and this will help families, passengers and other passengers save money on travel over the next 18 months.

In Warwickshire, the following operators have signed up for this scheme:

  • horse wagon
  • arrive
  • Coventry National Highway
  • West Midlands National Highway
  • Pulham
  • A&M Group – Flexibus (Service 9)
  • IndieGo PLUS On-Demand Transportation (DRT)

For residents using the Warwickshire County Council-funded IndieGo PLUS DRT service in Hatton and West Warwick, a one-time £2 ticket can be booked here:

Designed to help tackle the growing cost of living, it is hoped that Warwickshire residents will seriously consider ditching their cars and using buses instead. With a network of major roads stretching across the county, there is bound to be a route that makes it a truly viable alternative to car commuting. Most bus operators now offer free on-board Wi-Fi and USB charging points, as well as apps that you can download and track your bus.

Cllr Jan Matecki, Warwickshire Portfolio Owner for Transport & Planning, said: “We are delighted to see the £2 bus fare cap extended in Warwickshire. This is great news for our residents, especially those who may be struggling with the increasing cost of living and who rely on buses to get to work, school or college. It will also improve job opportunities for people from lower income households.

“The expanded bus fare cap is also good news for the environment, as it will hopefully encourage people to use public transport instead of driving, reducing traffic congestion and pollution. the air in the county.”

Detailed information on Warwickshire routes and timetables, along with itinerary plans can be found by visiting:

For more information on public transport in Warwickshire visit:


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