When it comes to the list of X Factor escapists, people in this country may think less of Camila Cabello, whose previous girl group, Fifth Harmony, formed on Little Mix style and came in third. For one thing, we pay less attention to the American version of the series here, and another thing, when the 25-year-old is releasing her third solo album, she has left the world far behind. .

She’s currently a lead actress, having starred in Amazon’s version of the musical Cinderella last year. She also has a significant number of solo hits and big-name collaborations to make her name. Her singles Señorita and Havana have topped the world, her hot current single, Bam Bam, is her second duet with Ed Sheeran, and the internet still seems to care. insight into the status of her romantic relationship with fellow singer Shawn Mendes (it’s off, rumors fans).

What other collaborators, such as Major Lazer and Mark Ronson, will recognize is an inspiring voice with a dusty hint of huskiness that makes her a top performer on the carousel of pop music. official. As she has grown, she has also become increasingly immersed in her Cuban-Mexican genetics. The Familia title track opens the album with a horn solo and a dull reggaeton beat. Her first lines are sung in Spanish, and after that, there’s a riot-supporting series of male voices that give Don’t Go Yet a Cuban feel that raises the temperature dramatically.

The album title refers to family time during the lockdown, and although more and more mentions of her roots in music are being made, lyrically there isn’t much that brings out the feeling. unique to her own. There are plenty of romance stories, either failed or impending, but no major drama. “My skin is so soft today / But you are so far away,” she lamented on La Buena Vida. On Quiet, she “Looks at your hands, thinks of my plans for them.” Even when she seems to be singing about Fifth Harmony, whose character she is as Robbie/Zayn/Geri by abandoning the ship first, she is boringly magnanimous: “I don’t blame the guys. girl because of how it went down,” she said on Psycho Freak, which also felt like Tom’s Diner and an overwhelming cameo from Willow, Will Smith’s daughter.

Still, while there may be more real Latin flames here, it’s still enough to keep her in her own lane among pop pop’s A-list soloists.



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