The six sites will be within walking distance of towns across North Wales, which say the developments will boost their economies and attract more tourism. Small stops, common in France, often include public parking lots so families can sleep in their vans overnight.

Gwynedd Council, led by Welsh nationalist Plaid Cymru, has received £240,000 in funding from the Welsh Government to develop the project, North Wales Live report.

Residents were largely supportive of the move, with some pointing out that the “passage” across France often enhances tourism activity.

One local posted on Facebook: “Awesome, it’s time. The broadcasts in France are great and raise tourism and spending. They have nothing to worry about as every broadcast we broadcast. Everyone who comes in is treated with respect. I really hope the trial goes well.”

Another posted: “Great idea, owning a camper van and living in Wales, I’d rather stay local and spend my hard earned money on small local businesses. North Wales. need travel.”

It has also been argued that the sites will help reduce illegal and inappropriate parking by campers.

One woman said on Facebook: “Providing parking and amenities for this type of guest in pub car parks could be the key to keeping village/rural pubs in trouble. Ours works, but most pub parking cannot accommodate.

“It’s been a longer season and the numbers are going up.”

Another user wrote: “Awesome, it works great in France.”

And one man declared: “Will prevent large gatherings of trucks in areas without toilets who ignore signs prohibiting overnight.”

Dafydd Williams, Gwynedd Council’s head of Environment, said: “Gwynedd Council has done significant research on apartments in the county and has listened to the views of the community, home owners and residents. campground operator to learn about illegal or inappropriate overnight stays in the county.

“Through the funded Brilliant Basics project, we will pilot a network of up to six ‘Aros-fan’ locations across Gwynedd, which will provide a tailored overnight service to home owners. vacationers and campers with their own onboard equipment.”


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