Wednesday has seen many flights canceled at UK airports as staff shortages continue to affect travellers’ plans.

An airport recruitment expert said staffing issues could affect the airline industry in the coming year.

Kully Sandhu, chief executive of Aviation Recruitment Network Limited, told BBC Radio 4’s Today’s Today programme: “My personal opinion, it will take at least the next 12 months for vacancies in the industry to stabilize. .”

Meanwhile, easyJet and British Airways continue to cancel flights, having canceled more than 70 scheduled services between them today.

Their main bases, London Heathrow and London Gatwick, were hit the hardest. Both airlines blamed staff shortages on Covid-related absences.

UK ports are also being hit by problems this weekend, after it was reported that another P&O Ferries vessel was being seized by regulators. It seems increasingly unlikely that the company will be able to resume its Dover-Calais trips this Easter weekend.

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UK tourist visa fee increased to £100

As Britain’s tourism industry struggles to recover from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic and a series of travel restrictions are imposed on incoming visitors, the government has increased the cost of a holiday visa by 100 pound.

A 5.3% increase in the “admission fee” to the UK came into effect this month. It applies to visitors from the vast majority of countries, including the two most populous countries in the world: China and India.

Citizens of many countries with an increasing number of foreign tourists, such as Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Thailand and Turkey require UK visas even for short stays .

Simon CalderApril 13, 2022 08:26


All flights canceled today

Another day saw dozens more canceled flights to and from the UK. Passengers trying to board their Easter holiday flights are experiencing common flight cancellations at airports across the UK.

Once again British Airways and easyJet have grounded more than 70 routes from their main bases, London Heathrow and London Gatwick respectively.

See all today’s flight cancellations here:

Simon CalderApril 13, 2022 08:07


Good morning and welcome to The IndependentTravel diary’s. We will keep you updated with all the latest news of the day.

Helen CoffeyApril 13, 2022 07:53


Man arrives 13 hours early for his flight after panicking in line at the airport

A man arrived at Manchester airport 13 hours early for his flight after panicking that he might miss his flight due to the long security queues seen over the Easter holiday.

Tim Samunyai, 56, from Coventry, arrived at the airport at 5:40 a.m. on Sunday, April 10 for a flight to Zimbabwe – despite the scheduled departure time of 6:55.

The father-of-two admits that “13 hours is a bit much, fair enough, but I’d rather be early.”

Helen CoffeyApril 12, 2022 17:50


Government charges ‘missing in action’ while ‘British are facing travel chaos’

Labour’s shadow transport secretary, Louise Haigh, accused the Government of “lack of action” while “Britishes are facing travel chaos”.

“They were alerted to staffing shortages, but the Tories failed to take comprehensive action to address the security backlog hindering hiring,” she said.

“They need to capture, do their job, and act to reduce disruption by prioritizing the huge backlog of security checks so airport staff can get to work without delay. safely.”


The ‘Orient Express’ experience ends with a bus from Calais to Lille and a Eurostar train

For many travelers paying £3,785 for an overnight train from Venice to London, the final leg is an epic finale.

They arrived at Calais on the Venice-Simplon-Orient Express. Ancient train cars that are up to 100 years old are not allowed to pass through the Channel Tunnel for safety reasons. Instead, passengers were shuttled through the tunnel to Folkestone, where they boarded another luxury train – the Belmond British Pullman – for the journey to London.

But between April and June, travelers who book the luxury tour offered by Belmond will have a very different experience.

Trains will arrive at Calais Ville as usual, with passengers transferred to buses. But instead of riding the Eurotunnel tunnel on the 35-minute trip to Folkestone, they will spend a 90-minute drive directly from the UK on the A16 and A25 motorways to Lille, near the border with Belgium.

Here, visitors will enter the luxurious concrete terminal containing the Eurostar platforms, go through security and wait for the train from Brussels to London.

Simon CalderApril 12, 2022 16:32


Experts warn airport chaos could drag on for another year amid staff shortage

Experts warn the turmoil seen at UK airports over the past few weeks could drag on for another year.

Hiring and training airport staff takes time, especially for Border Force positions specifically recruited by the Department of the Interior.

An airport recruiter has warned that staffing issues are now wreaking havoc that could take a year to resolve.

Kully Sandhu, chief executive officer of Aviation Recruitment Network Limited, the recruitment agency for Heathrow, Gatwick and Manchester airports, told BBC Radio 4’s Today’s program: “My personal opinion, it will take at least the next 12 months for industry smart vacancies to stabilize.”

Helen CoffeyApril 12, 2022 16:13


Lessons to be learned from the travel chaos on Easter, say what?

With summer coming up, there’s no reason to repeat this Easter “mess” tour, according to which?.

Consumer champion travel editor Rory Boland said: “There are lessons to be learned from this Easter travel disturbance. With many in the industry anticipating a busy summer, the government must work with airlines and airports to ensure they have the resources and capacity to handle the increased passenger volume, as there are no No reason to repeat these failures.

“Airlines will not ignore the law and the rights of passengers if aviation regulators have some loopholes. The Department of Transport can assist consumers by arming the Civil Aviation Authority with the power to impose fines directly. It should also abandon plans to change compensation rules for UK flights, which are an important deterrent to passengers being treated unfairly. “

Helen CoffeyApril 12, 2022 15:33


101 years old known as ‘Hurricane Hazel’ registers to operate Toronto Airport

An energetic 101-year-old former mayor has just signed up for three more years running Canada’s largest airport.

Hazel McCallion – known as “Hurricane Hazel” – retires at the age of 93 as mayor of the Canadian city of Missisauga, after 36 years in office.

She has now renewed her contract as director of the Greater Toronto Airport Authority (GTAA), as well as continuing to serve as a special advisor to the University of Toronto Missisauga.

GTAA operates Toronto Pearson Airport, Canada’s largest aviation hub, which typically handles around 50 million passengers a year.

Lucy ThackrayApril 12, 2022 14:50


Nearly three-quarters of Britons holiday in the same place every year, study finds

New research shows just under three-quarters of Britons holiday in the same place year after year.

Norwegian Cruise Line’s survey of 2,000 British holidaymakers found that 73% have returned to the same hotel abroad multiple times, averaging four return visits.

More than a quarter said they enjoy seeing familiar faces on vacation, while 30% say they don’t need to plan too far.

About 58% of respondents said they had not traveled abroad since the start of the pandemic.

Lucy ThackrayApril 12, 2022 14:28


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