Here’s your roundup of all the latest Cardiff City headlines for Sunday, April 17.

Morison hints at targeting the Championship market

Cardiff City manager Steve Morison says he has presented a number of seasoned Championship stars ahead of the upcoming summer transfer window.

The Bluebirds boss says the club know exactly what they want from the transfer market this summer, with Cardiff seemingly prepared for a summer of great upheaval. As many as 10 players are out of contract at the end of the season, while there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the club’s five losers.

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The glaring omissions will be crucial to Morison’s blueprint for next season, and plans already in place before the end of the season. “We don’t have millions of conversations – we’re talking to people we want to talk to,” he replied when asked where things were. “I’m definitely not giving out sentiments trying to get one or the other, we’re talking specifically about who and what we want and I hope that way we can focus more on that. his conversations and his work.”

Following the success of loan duo Cody Drameh and Tommy Doyle, Cardiff may be eyeing the Premier League loan market once again, but Morison has hinted that the club may also be looking to bring in players. experience in the Championship.

“I have done many presentations for even players who are not at the Premier League clubs we are trying to loan, but players who are seasoned Championship players who have played a lot. The game and know the class and we’re trying to get it. They’re going to come and be part of something. We want to find the people that we want and we’re not going to keep going until we can’t. can show up anymore.”

The city is ready to move the net abroad

As with the UK, Morison admits Cardiff are ready to take their transfer network abroad further this summer, but warns that the rules in place after Brexit have made the situation difficult than.

Cardiff have traditionally carried out much of their business in the UK market in recent years, but it is understood there is growing enthusiasm to explore European markets this summer. . However, Morison said bringing in foreign players on the pitch is not as straightforward as it once was, with English clubs now having to navigate a points-based system before signings can be confirmed. new from abroad.

“It’s a lot more difficult now because they have to get the points they need to play abroad and come here,” said Morison.

“We’ve got someone we’re really interested in and we’ve come this far in the conversation. Then we checked on him and he couldn’t get the points. He couldn’t come up with him. us or with anyone here, so it’s frustrating.

“But we’ll keep looking. Hopefully there will be a few names that you might have to Google in the summer. But hopefully they prove us right in all of the spying and all of it. our work, etc.”

You can read more about Cardiff’s European scout here.

Morison on the pending transfer balance action

Morison admits there will be some balancing act going on this summer as he looks to strengthen his squad and at the same time give his younger players a chance to continue to progress.

Morison has been full of praise for young defender Oliver Denham, after the player made his league debut in a Good Friday loss to Hull City, and wants to nurture an exciting generation of young players who are about to level up. . However, recruits will be essential ahead of the new campaign, and Morison hopes the explosion in competition will help bring out the best from those already in the building.

“First and foremost, next year we need to be better than this year, we need to be stronger,” he said. “We need to win more games than we want to do that with some of the players that we have in the building, younger players who have come through the academy.

“But it’s a balancing act, it’s about keeping the best guys that can take on the championship, who have the mentality and nature of it Saturday, Tuesday, and they’re going to need help throughout. We’re going to need players who can help lift their weight and let them shine.

“They’re going to have players their way when we sign because that’s the nature of the beast, that’s how you bring out the best from everyone, you want people to challenge them. We want a competitive squad on the pitch and on the training ground where everyone is looking over their shoulder.

“If you’re here it’s because we think you’re good enough to help the team, if you’re on loan and you’re still in that stage of progress to learn and grow from here, and the players that leave are the ones. that we feel lending will not benefit them, it will not be beneficial to stay and not compete and they will have the opportunity to find their way in their careers and ultimately prove that I myself and the staff was wrong to let them go.

“But all will become clear once dusted at the end of the season.”

Morison outlines pre-season plan

Cardiff are hoping to play five games this summer as part of their pre-season plans, with the Bluebirds going up against teams from League One and Two.

Morison is also hoping to leave his team for a training camp during the first week of last season and details are likely to be finalized in due course. “The plan so far is to go back and hopefully the first week,” Morison said. “No games, just go, train, build a culture in the team and focus on what we want to do.

“Then we come back and then we have a week to prepare for the first game of pre-season. Then we’ll have five pre-season games. Saturday, Tuesday, Saturday, Saturday. Tuesday, Saturday. They will face opposing League One and League Two. Then the season kicks off on July 30.”


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