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Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker teases new season will see a ‘slight reset’

Black mirror Creator Charlie Brooker has revealed that his popular dark series will return with a “mild reset”.

After a four-year hiatus, in April it was announced that the hit anthology show would debut with an all-new season six.

In an interview with Anh Sunday TimesBrooker said he’s ready to change things up a bit after admitting he’s become “a bit bored” with his original recipe.

“There are a lot of outdated programs out there a bit Black mirror-y, I won’t watch any of them because I feel jealous of the profession and I’ll get annoyed, he said, dropping the name western world.

“I don’t want to keep repeating the same base over and over. Like, ‘What if this app ruined your life?’ Or, ‘Oh look! Turns out you’re in virtual reality.’ So there was a small reset.

The upcoming season, which welcomes a slew of new faces including Aaron Paul, Anjana Vasan, Annie Murphy, Auden Thornton, Ben Barnes, Clara Rugaard, Daniel Portman, Danny Ramirez, Himesh Patel and John Hannah, will see Brooker take aim again. its goal. original target – television.

He shared that the episode was titled “Joan Is Awful”, starring Schitt . Creek star Murphy, inspired by a particular scene from the Hulu miniseries School Dropouts.

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“Amanda Seyfried played Elizabeth Holmes and there was a scene where she danced to the music,” he recalls.

“I thought, ‘How weird if you’re Elizabeth Holmes watching this.’ They don’t know she did it, they just made it up as some kind of silly character. If you’re Elizabeth Holmes, it’s as worrisome as being exposed for all the terrible scams you’ve committed. And that would really upset me.

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“So ‘Joan Is Awful’ is about what happened to Joan today when it was made into a TV series starring a Hollywood star. It really got to the point where the Hollywood star turned on the TV and hit play a show called Joan is terrible in her own home.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Brooker claimed that Channel 4 effectively “cancelled” the series before Netflix came along and hooked it up.

“When feedback came in, we were told they didn’t Black mirror and they won’t allocate money for four more episodes,” said the host.

Executive co-producer Annabel Jones added: “We’re trying to hold a meeting to discuss why these ideas aren’t working out. Black mirrorso we can try to understand what that concern is.

“Given that the show has won so many awards and has been received really well in general, it’s strange. I don’t think there is any clarity from the channel. We also feel invincible.”

Black mirror season six premieres on Netflix in June.


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