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Mother claims Canadian airline law stopped her from being able to travel with her three-month-old twins

A woman has claimed that an airline will not allow her to take a scheduled flight with her twins due to rules about traveling with children.

Single mother, Amanda Bailey, shared a recent video on TikTok about the experience of the days before she and her three-month-old babies boarded a flight. According to Bailey, Flair Airlines, a low-cost Canadian airline, would not allow her to board the flight if it was just her and her children.

“So we weren’t allowed to fly alone on Thursday, and I’m extremely disappointed,” she said while wiping tears from her face. “I don’t think I’m allowed but after calling Flair and confirming several times, they said it was fine. You get your hopes up and you’re like: ‘I can do it. I can do that.’ And I’m packing.

According to Government of Canada“the Canadian Aviation Regulations requires that no passenger may be responsible for more than one infant” under two years of age. When traveling with children under the age of two, each child must be accompanied by an adult on board.

In her video, Bailey said that when she learned she couldn’t travel with her two children, she also felt unable to invite friends or family members on the same flight because of the cost.

She explains: “And flights right now are ridiculous asking someone to come with me and they won’t respect the price or anything. “So it’s super frustrating and it sucks being a single mom.”

She continued: “It’s not possible to do the things that you really do every day for safety reasons, but at the time you couldn’t take care of the two babies in time.”

Bailey went on to question Canada’s regulations for adults traveling with children under the age of two. “Okay, in time, how can I take care of two two-year-olds, or a two-year-old and a three-year-old?” she added.

The single mother stressed that not being allowed on a plane “makes no sense” for her, especially since her children are still “traveling in car seats”. She also admits that if her children were two years old, she would “probably still leave them in the car seat”.

She continued: “Removing their locks from a convertible car seat to an infant car seat would make no difference. “My timely manner will be the same. In the event of a fire at my house or at the airport, whether they’re two years old or an infant, it’s going to be the same.”

She went on to explain that she doesn’t live in “a family with both parents”, which means she “does a lot of things”. [her] possessive” when it comes to taking care of your children.

“I was literally with them 24/7 alone,” she said. “So it’s extremely frustrating and I’m very angry that this is happening. And yes, we’re not happy about that.

In the second video, Bailey gives an update on the situation, explaining that she canceled her flight. She noted that she would try to rebook her flight and “fly out at a later date” with another adult accompanying her on the trip. She added that, while she was “disappointed” at not being able to make her first trip, she received a full refund.

As of June 28, two of Bailey’s videos have had more than 729,000 views, with viewers in the comments sending messages of support and offering to travel with her.

“I will go with you,” one person wrote. “I live in California, not sure where we’re going, but let’s go.”

Another said: “Tell me where you are and where you are going! I have a lot of miles and love to travel for whatever reason.”

“Look, all the people who offered to sit with me might be on my flight! What an amazing amount of beautiful supportive comments,” another wrote.

Talking to EverybodyBailey reiterated that she checked with the airline about traveling with her children before they told her she couldn’t get on the flight.

“I was very disappointed when I tried my best to call and book/check with the airline to make sure I could fly solo, they said I could as long as I bought a seat for all of them. both of us, or at least one person. ” she explained.

Bailey also confirmed that she will be changing her travel habits on her next trip, adding: “This time, I brought someone to follow the rules but I just [feel] It’s generally very disappointing to know that I can’t do it alone for two years and that would make visiting my mother a lot more difficult and expensive.”

independence Have reached out to Bailey and Flair Airlines for comment.


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