Maybe it’s just me but I’m starting to feel that since Winter starts later than usual, it purposefully rushes into Spring just to punish us.

Logically and historically, cold bursts usually occur in the spring as we transition from the cold to the warm season. These cold moments occur as the jet stream oscillates between falling south and retreating north before fully migrating north in the summer.

I’m just saying, it’s like on purpose.

Anyway, it’s time for the weekly inclement weather in the Eastern US to cool down.


We’ve been under the influence of a sizable, upper-lower bowling serve for several days now.

The last bit of warm air present over the southeastern pole and northeastern coastal pole will soon be driven away by cold air wrapping around the back of the lowland.


As a result, many of us will be significantly colder today (and tomorrow) as this air settles.

As if cold air weren’t enough, the last bits of moisture near the center of the upper lower floors will facilitate cold showers or possibly even snow accumulation, depending on where you live.


This isn’t a blockbuster storm, but in the second half of the weekend, many of us may see a few pieces of novelty while others, enhanced by altitude or snow effects, may see a few inches.

The big winners here will obviously be the southern and central Appalachians. The conditions are naturally colder due to the altitude and countercurrents that work to remove any excess moisture on the tops of those mountains would result in a larger total. From the Smokies of East Tennessee to the Blue Ridge of Western North Carolina to the Allegheny Mountains of West Virginia, elevations above 3000 ft. or more are likely to occur by as little as an inch or two while totals exceeding 6 inches will likely peak tallest.

Also, there can be 1-3 inches through the Great Lakes lake effect snow wind. A larger total is possible if elevated by altitude – in northeastern New York, for example.

There’s good news about our frostbite: it won’t last.


Come Monday, we’ll be back with our regular schedule of severe, multi-day threats. Details about this threat are still somewhat fuzzy; We will discuss them in the blog Monday morning.

But is this our last cold snap? Don’t get your hopes up.

The assembly pattern continues to suggest fairly important roughing again next weekend. Like I said, it feels intentional.

But for now: grab a book, a hot cup of coffee, and a blanket and plan to hibernate for the weekend. I know I will.


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