As a result of the lengthy and costly court process through which Rustat’s ruling was delivered, Lord Boateng recommended the creation of a tried-and-tested legal aid fund so that wealth is not a barrier. for petitioners.

The report concludes that the “heavy responsibility of the Church in this regard is far more than can be measured economically,” adding: “The psychological harm done to many generations.” The system and moral foundation of the Church as an institution are not easily quantified and in some ways cannot be measured. “

The Commission plans to issue a second report at the end of 2022 and two years after that until the end of the work in October 2024, when the final report will be published.

Commenting on the publication of the report, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Bishop Justin Welby, said that it “identifies the difficult and long path to eradicating the pain and injustice felt by so many, but give us hope that through the Commission’s work. , these problems will be solved”.

The Archbishop of York, Bishop Stephen Cottrell, said: “We are encouraged to view the Commission’s work in challenging current practices and stimulating cultural change in the Church of England. It is important that we engage with these ideas and continue to build both support and action. “


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