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Climate action should be “everyone’s business” as climate action hub receives funding

The Fife Community Climate Action Network received £224,699 from the Scottish Government. This funding will establish the Fife Climate Action Center, which will empower people and communities to take practical action to tackle the climate emergency.

“I am delighted that Fife communities have the opportunity to be part of a network of action hubs,” said Jan Davidson, steering team member at the Fife Communities Climate Action Network. climate is evolving throughout Scotland. Our incredible homes, neighborhoods and natural environments have already felt the effects of the climate emergency. Action has never been more important than now.”

The project will attract more than 3,000 activities next year. Community organizations that will participate include youth groups, sports clubs, faith groups, equality groups, community halls, arts groups and community councils.

Groups across Fife will benefit from climate action hub
Groups across Fife will benefit from climate action hub

According to Ms. Davidson, the center’s goal is to go beyond those already involved and says climate action needs to “become everyone’s business”.

“Some people have taken action to address the climate emergency, but many others have just realized there is a problem,” Ms. Davidson continued. We want to talk to many different people and groups at all stages of their journey.”

The Fife Center is a continuation of the two pathfinders in the north of Scotland. It is predicted that Fife will add to the central network.

Mairi McAllan, cabinet secretary for Net Zero and Just Transition said: “Climate Action Centers will put the community at the heart of net zero and I am delighted to see the Fife Climate Action Center being launched. established as the first hub in our expanding network.

“Our two pathfinder centers have established themselves as central coordinators in their local areas, including raising public awareness and engaging in climate change action. Queen; successfully create additional capital from the private sector; and provide key community leadership, collaborating effectively with local stakeholders.

“Local communities have an important role to play in helping us achieve our shared national climate change goals, and I look forward to working with the Fife Center for Climate Action and the many other organisations. More will be established in the coming months.”


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