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Climate and Tech investment to supercharge UK-India development partnership ahead of G20 meeting

  • announced new climate and technology partnerships to benefit all by addressing global challenges, as Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell attended the G20 Development Ministers Meeting in Varanasi today (Monday)
  • He will join India and G20 partners in calling for increased efforts to meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
  • New UK support includes funding a tech start-up focused on sustainable agriculture, including through growing vegetables in an eco-friendly way

International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell is in India for the G20 starting today (Monday) – and to foster development cooperation between the UK and India, including through partnerships climate and technology.

He will reinforce at the meeting in Varanasi how UK partnerships and investments are having an exponential impact in tackling today’s biggest shared challenges – including climate change. climate, poverty and food insecurity.

The G20 Development Ministerial Meeting in Varanasi is laying the groundwork to accelerate progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals ahead of the G20 Leaders’ Summit in New Delhi this September.

At the G20, the UK highlighted the need to redouble global efforts to tackle the climate crisis and the shocks faced by the most vulnerable countries, demonstrating our position. as a development leader set out earlier this year.

New UK programs announced in India include a £10 million investment in the Avaana Fund, a women-led climate technology fund that helps innovative businesses develop solutions. solutions to climate change and creating jobs for women in areas such as clean energy, energy storage and agriculture.

The £12 million investment from the UK Government-backed Neev II fund will go to Nutrifresh, an Agrotech start-up focused on making agriculture more sustainable by growing vegetables environmentally friendly way.

Yesterday (Sunday), Minister Mitchell visited the Chakr Innovation research lab in Delhi, which is developing cutting-edge technology to tackle climate challenges.

A UK-backed lab is currently developing an innovative battery for electronic vehicles that requires no charging infrastructure and is fully recyclable, providing a cleaner and safer alternative for the old Lithium technology. The lab has previously developed devices that capture polluting emissions and convert it into pigments for black ink and paint.

Targeted investments like these play a central role in tackling climate change and supporting sustainable development. They improve access to clean energy, create jobs and boost economic growth, all of which are important for eradicating poverty.

UK Development Minister Andrew Mitchell said:

We commend India for putting development and the needs of the poorest and most vulnerable at the heart of its G20 Presidency. The UK is committed to working with G20 partners to tackle the climate crisis and reduce poverty.

New UK investments in India will deepen our partnership, underscoring the UK’s focus on mutually beneficial partnerships. Make no mistake: these investments benefit UK taxpayers while providing world-changing solutions. I am proud that the UK is supporting the visionary and innovative efforts needed to make progress globally.

The investments will strengthen the UK’s trading relationship in the region and help drive growth – one of the government’s five priorities

Christina Scott, Acting High Commissioner to India, said:

The investments highlight the UK’s commitment to deliver on Roadmap 2030 – a partnership that benefits both of our countries.

As outlined in the UK’s International Development Strategy, we are focused on providing clean and green infrastructure and creating opportunities for women and girls.

More information:

  • Minister Andrew Mitchell’s two-day visit to India (June 11-12) will include activities in Delhi and Varanasi.
  • The 2030 roadmap for the future relationship between India and the UK has been launched by 2021. Since then, significant progress has been made, including health cooperation, accelerating the transition. clean energy, cybersecurity cooperation, and expanding our defense and security partnership.
  • UK development finance institutions and impact investors UK International Investment help address the biggest global development challenges by making flexible capital investments to support private sector growth and innovation. The British Investment Association works with India towards a green transition, investing in sustainable agriculture, reducing pressure on natural resources and creating new jobs.
  • The [Neev II fund invests](Neev Fund II – SBICAP Ventures Ltd in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) focusing on limiting and increasing resilience to climate and environmental changes, while supporting India in achieving its carbon reduction targets in 2030.

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