Colin Farrell has revealed that he experienced panic attacks while filming underwater scenes for the upcoming film, Thirteen lives.

The film directed by Ron Howard is based on the true story of the mission to rescue the soccer team trapped in a cave in Thailand in 2018.

Farrell plays John Volanthen, one of the divers involved in the rescue. At the film’s premiere on Thursday (July 28), the actor admitted that he had difficulty filming some underwater scenes.

“It’s so scrary,” he said Tonight’s reception. “I’m not a great swimmer anyway, it’s not that we’re swimming, it’s not that we’re treading water – we’ve got to be on the water – but they built a network of caves really impressive.”

Farrell then explained that the design was based on the actual structure of the caves, making the experience feel eerily realistic: “They filled them with water, and we would go down and not up. .”

Through the Batman The star credited the crew for being supportive and making sure everything was safe, with Farrell later saying that he panicked as he got lost in the scene.

Thira Chutikul, Popetorn ‘Two’ Soonthornyanaku, Joel Edgerton, Colin Farrell and Viggo Mortensen in ‘Thirteen Lives’

(Vince Valitutti / MGM)

“Gosh, I had panic attacks underwater, it was a new experience,” he noted. “An underwater panic attack is a new experience for me.”

One of the film’s other stars, Viggo Mortensen, also spoke about the pressure of the underwater scenes.

“Suddenly I couldn’t breathe,” Green Book the actor said to People earlier this week. “It seems like a long time, but it is only a matter of seconds. I panicked.”

Thirteen Lives will be available to stream on Amazon Prime on August 5.