Hwas the stage at the start of Sunday’s medley relay – which consisted of four quick stages of the 300 meter swim, 5 km cycle and 2 km run – faster than anyone else in the 20-second race, giving England the What will prove an invincible lead.

That margin fluctuated for only a few seconds under the guidance of Sophie Coldwell and Sam Dickinson, before individual silver medalist Georgia Taylor-Brown brought home the victory with 46 seconds.

England’s winning time was one hour, 16 minutes and 40 seconds. Wales overcame an intense battle for the silver medal, three seconds ahead of Australia, who won the bronze.

“Never simple in these things,” Yee said. “A lot of things can go wrong, a lot of mistakes can happen, which can cost some penalty.

“So much happens in one hour of racing. We want to keep it as clean as possible, keep it upbeat throughout the race and I want to put them ahead as much as possible. “

When asked what he would do with his medal, Yee said: “Now me and Liv can put us side by side. We just moved, so hopefully somewhere there will be a nice place for them.”

Seems like less space for the dog.