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Coronation live: Prince Harry ‘dashes for airport’ minutes after King Charles’s coronation ends

Key moments in King Charles’ coronation

Prince Harry set off on his way back to the US just minutes after the King’s coronation, according to reports.

King Charles III and newly crowned Queen Camilla appeared on the balcony of Buckingham Palace with other members of the royal family after their coronation.

However, the Duke of Sussex was not present on the balcony and did not return with his family to Buckingham Palace. Telegrpah The report means he won’t be in the official family portrait of the day.

According to reports, Harry was determined to return to the family home in Montecito to kiss his son, Prince Archie, good night on the boy’s fourth birthday – May 6, but that didn’t work. not occur.

It appeared when the Red Arrows made a miniature flight due to “inappropriate weather conditions”.

More than 60 aircraft from the Royal Navy, British Army and Royal Air Force took part. However, the event will now only involve helicopters and the Red Arrows aerobatic team, the Department of Defense said.


Mysterious patches of sand solved

Westminster Council has unraveled the mystery surrounding the patches of sand along the procession’s route.

A spokesman said they are putting on manhole covers and inspection covers to help the horses.

Council says it also does this for other road surfaces, such as inclines or sharp turns.

There are many theories about the mysterious patches of golden sand – including that it could be an attempt to smooth out potholes for the King’s carriage.

(AFP via Getty Images)

Jane DaltonMay 6, 2023 18:01


Protest against monarchy in Scotland

Hundreds of people gathered on Calton Hill in Edinburgh for an anti-monarchy protest organized by our Republic.

Some waved Saltire flags, while others wore them like capes and held placards with slogans such as “Not our King” and “take down the crown”.

Speakers included Greens Scotland co-leader Lorna Slater, a Scottish Government minister.

She said: “When it comes to the monarchy, Scotland says no.

“Let’s do better, let’s build a brighter, better democratic future in an independent Scottish republic.”


Jane DaltonMay 6, 2023 17:30


Viewers recall Queen’s funeral

Linda Old went to see Buckingham Palace after watching the coronation in Hyde Park.

She told the PA news agency that the ceremony evoked memories of other royal events, most recently the Queen’s funeral when she camped overnight to see the late Queen lying in state.

Ms Old, from Islington, north London, said: “It was very well organised. I was very emotional when I watched it.

“I came with my family. Just being here with everyone is special. We all stand up for ‘God Save the King’. It’s special, there are so many memories.”

Jane DaltonMay 6, 2023 17:15


Royal fans from Australia among the crowd

Huge crowds flocked to London and defied the rain to celebrate the coronation – with some royal fans traveling from as far away as Australia:

Jane DaltonMay 6, 2023 16:58


Just Stop Oil Supporters Arrested

Eco-protest group Just Stop Oil said about 20 of its supporters were arrested for wearing Just Stop Oil t-shirts on Saturday morning.

“No disturbances were planned, supporters did not intend to jump the fence, only revealing their t-shirts and holding flags that read ‘Just Stop Oil’,” the group said.

“This country has become a backward nightmare.”

Jane DaltonMay 6, 2023 16:40


Historian hails ‘echo of the Middle Ages with modern diversity’

Historian David Olusoga said the coronation was a “huge effort to showcase the diversity of faiths in Britain”.

“Today we are reminded of the country’s deep religious history,” he told BBC News, adding that the ceremony had “medieval echoes”.

“That sense of continuity, that sense of tradition, as a historian, is absolutely fascinating.

“Now that it’s all over, a new dynasty has officially begun,” he continued.

“I think what you see today is a powerful representation and a huge effort to showcase the diversity of faiths in Britain, one of the things that was very different between England today and England in 1953. .

“I think it would be more difficult with a millennial ceremony to reflect the fact that we are one of the more secular countries in the world.”

Jane DaltonMay 6, 2023 16:25


‘Awesome,’ Ant and Dec say

Ant and Dec talked about how “wonderful” it was to witness the coronation at Westminster Abbey.

Presenter Anthony McPartlin told ITV News as he left Westminster Abbey: “By the way, the view is beautiful, we were here, and then there was only one line, and then he (The King) walked by. , they all passed.

McPartlin said the best moment of the ceremony was “when the crown was put on”.

Declan Donnelly added: “The whole coronation, what a great day.

Jane DaltonMay 6, 2023 16:08


Watch: Penny Mordaunt steals the show as she leads King Charles out of Westminster Abbey

Penny Mordaunt leads King Charles out of Westminster Abbey

Thomas KingsleyMay 6, 2023 15:48


Who is the Page of Honor and the Women Attending the King’s Coronation?

The King and Queen each have four Pages of Honor supporting them on their coronation day – schoolboys who are family friends or close relatives.

Prominent among them are Charles’ eldest grandson, Prince George, the nine-year-old future king, as well as Camilla’s three grandsons.

The Queen Consort will also have two Ladies in attendance – her sister Annabel Elliot and her trusted friend the Marquis of Lansdowne – who have a role to support her through the elements of service.

Read the full story below:

Thomas KingsleyMay 6, 2023 15:46


Royal fans noticed ‘sand pits’ along parade route

Sharp-eyed royal fans have noticed small patches of sand along the parade route today.

Some people online have suggested, likely correctly, that the patches are sand-filled potholes that have been temporarily repaired to avoid disrupting the parade route.

( Screen capture )

Thomas KingsleyMay 6, 2023 15:28


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