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Couple take revenge on Airbnb host by leaving taps running and gas on for 25 days

An Airbnb owner has been left with a bill of $1,570 (£1,260) after a couple retaliated against them when they were unable to cancel a reservation.

The couple arrived at a villa in Seoul, South Korea, from China on a 25-day trip to punish the landlord, reports SBS.

They leave the gas and faucets on during this time, increasing utility costs enormously.

According to reports, problems arose after the couple booked a stay at Airbnb. Although the villa is in Seoul, it is located on the outskirts of the capital – not the city center. When the couple realized this, they booked and paid for their three-and-a-half week stay.

But instead of continuing with the booking or discussing the issue with Airbnb, they resolved the issue on their own.

According to the landlord, who has only been identified as Mr. Lee, they contacted him and asked if there were any surveillance cameras in the hotel. After he confirmed that there were none, the guests entered and turned on as many lights, faucets, electrical appliances, and gas faucets as possible.

They didn’t stay at the villa, instead, they traveled around Korea and returned to vacation only five times in 25 days, each time for no more than five minutes.

Mr. Lee only discovered the problem after the check-out couple and his gas company contacted him about the significant increase in usage, out of concern about a possible leak.

When the homeowner arrived at the villa, he found it empty, the windows open, and the gas station still on. He was left with a $116 utility bill, a $730 gas bill, and $728 for “miscellaneous expenses.”

The couple used up more than 120,000 liters of water during this time.

According to SBS Reportedly, Airbnb’s customer service department said it was “unable to make an exception and assist with compensation”.

independence Have reached out to Airbnb for comment.

Airbnb’s AirCover protects homeowners by providing coverage for damage to the homeowner’s property or belongings but does not cover utility bills. Mr. Lee was asked to settle the dispute with the couple directly – but they have since left the country.


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