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Wet weekend expected for much of I-95 corridor

Welcome to Daily Weather Updates from FOX Weather. Today is Saturday, May 20, 2023 and Armed Forces Day. Start your day the right way with everything you need to know about today’s weather. You can also get a quick summary of the national, regional and local weather whenever you want with FOX weather update podcast.

The East Coast Rain Up and Down Beach Plan

A strong coastal low that brought rain to parts of North Carolina on Friday will move north along the coasts of the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast on Saturday, bringing drenched rain to localities At the seaside. Offshore currents are a concern for anyone going to the beaches. This will be followed by a cold spell on Sunday that will produce showers and storms throughout the day.

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In case you missed it: Texas prayers, El Nino news, fire smoke and floods

A Texas family is praying for healing after a lightning strike killed a man and severely injured his 6-year-old son. According to the family, Matthew Boggs was bringing his children home from the bus stop when he was struck by lightning. Boggs is killed, his son is hospitalized and comatose.

Satellite data suggest that El Niño is likely to develop in the Pacific Ocean. The World Meteorological Organization said that the unusual warming of the ocean combined with climate change is likely to make the Earth hotter on record in the next five years.

Wildfires are raging across Canada and the smoke is moving south. This week, it covered much of the northern US in a dense cloud. Air quality warnings were issued to millions of Americans as smoke turned the sky a fiery red at dawn and dusk in some places.

Flooding has hit both sides of the Atlantic this week. More than a dozen people have been killed by floods in northern Italy. Buildings and farm fields were also flooded. In the United States, the Wilmington area of ​​North Carolina received nearly 8 inches of rain on Friday, resulting in flooded roads as well as flooded buildings.

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