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Daisy May Cooper says relationship with brother Charlie has suffered since This Country

Daisy May Cooper spoke candidly about the “horrible” experience of drifting away from her brother and This country collaborator Charlie Cooper in recent years.

The brothers wrote and starred in the BBC Three Bafta-winning sitcom from 2017 to 2020. Daisy and Charlie play cousins ​​Kerry and Kurtan Mucklowe, two young men living in the rural Cotswolds. .

Talking to independence In an exclusive new interview, Daisy says her relationship with Charlie has suffered in recent years.

The rain dog The star attributes this in part to popularity, but also to the growing couple, as she already has two children and Charlie has just become a dad.

“From being very close, the vagabonds have been in there with each other from highs and lows, to suddenly not talking for a long time because one of us is filming or the other has a baby. .. I’m finding it really difficult,” Daisy said.

“It really made me ask a lot of questions about who I am and what I want. Do I want all of this, and does it really make me happy? Because at this point, I don’t feel it’s worth sacrificing my relationship with my brother – that’s the point of all this, and you’ve lost that.”

She continued: “People come to people who want to make you something, and they have their own agenda, and that divides you. And it was horrible… I got those brief moments of happiness where I would go for a walk and I would forget that I had to pay taxes, or that I had to sort out my relationship with my brother. .

Charlie and Daisy May Cooper in ‘This Country’


Daisy and Charlie lived in poverty years ago This country was done, with Daisy saying in a recent interview that she suffers from a “fear” of the phone because of her experiences with debt collectors.

“Actually, I no longer own a phone,” she said. “Now, every time I get a call, I assume it’s bad news. I had to get rid of it.

you can read independenceFull interview with Daisy May Cooper here.


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