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PM Update: Our weather turns terrific heading into Tuesday


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A cold front today passed relatively peacefully. It dropped about 0.01 inch to 1/4 inch in most locales, with some heavier near the bay and southern Maryland. Temperatures make it above 70 to about 80 in most areas, which is cool in late June. Of course, the humidity makes it feel like part of summer. We’re about to drop the humidity thanks to a cold front passing through the area.

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Through tonight: Winds will head out of the south at about 5 to 10 mph, with gusts around 20 mph at times. That wind will continue to reduce our humidity overnight as the dew point approaches the 40s at dawn. Lows will be reasonably cool, mostly between the 50s and 60s.

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Tomorrow (Tuesday): We’ve been faced with some beautiful wet days this June, and this will be another day. The morning sky is mostly sunny with possibly cloudy midday. We’ll keep it dry, though, as temperatures climb closer to 80 for the highs. North winds around 10 mph will add to the comfort.

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Update pollen: Medium/high mold spores. Trees, grasses and weed pollen are all low.

Luxury June? So far, we’ve seen days with peaks at or below 80. While it looks like a more pleasant June than usual, the average for such days is seven days, so we nearing the target, depending on the developments of the next few days. In 2003, there were 16 such days, the most in recent history. But in 2016 there was only one, the least recorded. All this in mind, it’s not every June that we see so many refreshing days. I know I love them.

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