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PM Update: Frost or freeze possible in north and west suburbs tonight

* ice advice counties northwest of Montgomery, east of Loudoun, northwest of Prince William and south of Fauquier from midnight to 8 a.m. | Freeze warning north and west of those locations *

That’s a pretty big change from recent Mondays. Temperatures only hit around 60 degrees at most points, 10 degrees or more below average. Cooler-than-average conditions are the story over the next few days and beyond in general, although I expect some milder times here and there. Plus the sun is powerful. It’s almost perfect for walking in sunny weather.

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Through tonight: The mostly clear sky persisted and the wind subsided. With a cold air mass in place, it’s a good recipe to see temperatures drop easily at night. Lows range from the mid-30s to well below 40 at most points. Some locations to the north and west, such as Purcellville and Frederick, could see temperatures hitting freezing.

The western suburbs are in the immediate vicinity of the last glaciation by recent averages. Dulles has an average last freeze on April 20. In Baltimore, it’s April 9. May freezes are not uncommon. Dulles last saw one on May 14, 2013, when it hit 32 points.

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Tomorrow (Tuesday): Morning sunshine may give way to a few midday clouds. However, perhaps not worse than partly cloudy. The temperature rose again to nearly 60 degrees. Winds blow from the northwest about 5 to 10 mph.

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Update pollen: Pollen on trees is HIGH at 442.17 particles per cubic meter, but down from last week due to rain. Low/medium mold spores. Other allergens are low.

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