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D.C.-area forecast: Storms likely later today and this evening; heavy rain and flooding possible


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* Flood prevention from 3 p.m. to tonight for most of the DC area *

10:40 am – Flood alert extended to cover most of DC

While computer models tend to forecast the heaviest rainfall in areas west of Interstate 95 later today, the atmosphere will be humid enough over much of the area to support thunderstorms. downpours can cause flooding. The National Weather Service has decided to expand flood visibility – previously limited to the western part of the area – over most of the area, with the exception of Southern Maryland and counties bordering the Chesapeake Bay.

We’ll post a detailed summary of the potential for heavy rain and severe thunderstorms around midday.

Original article from 5am

A somewhat subjective assessment of the day’s weather, on a scale of 0 to 10.

5/10: Definitely worse than the nice weather lately. Could hit 90 degrees with the possibility of storms later in the day and possible flooding.

  • Today: Light sunshine, scattered thunderstorms in the afternoon. Highs: Above the 80s to the lows of the 90s.
  • Tonight: Possible evening showers and storms. Low: Above 60 to nearly 70.
  • Tomorrow: Isolate for possible scattered showers. Highs: Mid 70s to 80s lows.

Our beautiful weather days are over. The warmer air and vibrant atmosphere today set the stage for later-day storms. Then the forecast isn’t too bad until the end of the week and the fact is we’ll be a little cooler and a little wetter tomorrow, although with a few more showers possible. But then we’re looking at average summer temperatures and humidity from Friday to Sunday.

Today (Wednesday): Tends to be warmer today with highs heading for the 80s to 90s lows under partly sunny skies and wetter (mid-60s dew point). Showers are possible in the morning, with scattered showers and storms likely to develop after 3pm or so. Some of these can produce very heavy rain and flooding, accompanied by winds that destroy isolation and possible hail. Reliability: Medium-High

Tonight: Scattered showers and storms are still possible into the evening and there may be areas for repeat storms, before giving way to lighter showers overnight. Again, some of these storms can produce very heavy rain and flooding, potentially causing heavy winds and hail. Otherwise we are mostly cloudy overnight and slightly wet with 60s lows to near 70s. Reliability: Medium-High

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Tomorrow (Thursday): Separate from scattered showers can still occur from morning to early afternoon. Partly cloudy skies and steady winds from the north will keep temperatures back and bring humidity down a notch. Highs should only be reached from the mid 70’s to the low 80’s (with dew point in the low to mid 60’s). Reliability: Medium

Tomorrow night: Not a bad summer evening. The sky will be partly cloudy, with only a little bit of humidity and lows in the 60s. Reliability: Medium-High

Friday and Saturday It seems to be mostly sunny and dry days with controlled high pressure. Peak temperatures warm in the mid-80s to near-90s with moderate humidity. Friday night and Saturday night lows fall back to the 60s. Reliability: Moderate

Sunday tends to be hotter and wetter with peaks near 90. Still sunny, but could see increasing clouds later in the day and possible showers or storms in the late afternoon or evening. Reliability: Low-Medium


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