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D.C.-area forecast: Showers today before intense, late-week heat

A somewhat subjective assessment of the day’s weather, on a scale of 0 to 10.

4/10: The temperature is still not too hot, but it is too humid and wetter than average.

  • Today: Occasional showers and thunderstorms. High: Near 85.
  • Tonight: Showers/storms possible in the evening, then cloudy. Low: Near 70.
  • Tomorrow: Lightly sunny with a chance of showers/storms later in the day. High: Near 90.

Most of us have avoided the extreme heat this summer, but this week will change that. Temperatures are on the rise later today, peaking between Thursday and Saturday, where peaks could reach close to 100.

We probably won’t see much rain this week after today, when some downpours are possible. Saturday could offer the next best chance as a cold front tries to beat the heat.

Today Monday): This is not a washout, but we are likely to have some showers and storms, especially in areas along and east of Interstate 95. Some places can produce heavy rain and localized flooding. When it doesn’t rain, it’s warm and humid (dew point near 70), highest near 85. Light breeze from the southeast. Reliability: Medium-High

Tonight: Most of the rain is likely to fall during the day, but showers or storms can last into the evening. Overnight cloudy skies with mostly dry conditions and lows near 70. Reliability: Medium-High

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Tomorrow (Tuesday): There may be some patchy fog in the morning before the sky turns mildly sunny. With less cloud cover Monday, it’s hotter, with peak temperatures nearing 90 degrees Celsius. We can’t rule out showers or storms later in the day, but most likely dry weather. Light wind from the northwest. Reliability: Medium-High

Tomorrow night: After showers or thunderstorms in the evening, cloudy and mild, lows near 70. Reliability: Medium-High

Wednesday to Friday The weather is gradually getting hotter, with moderately high humidity (dew point 65 to 70). Wednesday’s high is 95, close to 97 to 99 on Thursday and possibly pretty close to 100 on Friday. Including humidity, it feels close to 100 on Wednesday and 100 to 107 on Thursday and Friday. Hot nights with 70s lows. On any of these afternoons/evenings we can’t completely rule out showers or storms, but the chance (10 to 20 percent) is low. Reliability: Medium-High

The weekend Forecasting is challenging as it is not yet clear when a cold front breaking the heat will arrive. Saturday has a chance to still be quite hot with 90s highs. If the front hits these hot temperatures, showers and storms are a good choice. By Sunday, after hitting a low near 70, the front will be east of us, meaning it won’t be as hot. But it’s likely to turn northwest, which means another hot, humid day and the possibility of storms. Reliability: Low-Medium


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