The lifting of Covid restrictions that have restricted travel outside the UK has put overseas holidays back on the map, but Britons are showing a growing desire to stay as the turmoil Tourism chaos continues.

Airlines including easyJet have canceled hundreds of flights in recent weeks due to the absence of Covid-related staff, and British Airways announced four months of flight cancellations last week.

Some travel experts say they believe the disruption is causing UK tourists to choose to stay. The cost-of-living crisis is also believed to be affecting people vacationing closer to home, although this is not always the cheaper option.

Luxury camping site Canopy & Stars, told I Traffic to its website is now up about 15% per week, and also tracks about 15% of pre-pandemic levels in 2019.

A spokesperson said: “Currently, May is our most booked month. This is a trend we’ve seen since the beginning of the year, so perhaps travelers are waiting to see if overseas holidays are viable.”

Bookings at Sykes Holiday Cottages jumped 75% during the 2022 bank holiday weekend.

A spokeswoman said the “accommodation boom” showed no signs of slowing down, with bookings for fall 2022 up 35% from 2019.

Richard Bond, founder of Finest Retreats, said the UK holiday home regulator had noticed “a marked shift in bookings”.

Mr Bond said: “This is likely due in part to their confidence the UK will be open and ready, while there may still be further restrictions on travel abroad and possibly also arrivals. Early and secure stays in particularly popular areas of the country. ”

Budget hotel Travelodge, which has 578 locations around the country, says it has observed “a steady stream of summer bookings”.

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Shakila Ahmed, Travelodge Spokesperson said: “Our latest Travel Index shows stays will make a big comeback in 2022 with Easter kicking off the 2022 holiday season, which is great news for UK hospitality sector.”

Rory Boland, which one? travel editor, said: “The pandemic has created a travel boom in the UK as holidaymakers can only dream of traveling without restrictions.

“But it may come as no surprise if we see some individuals and families rethinking their plans to travel abroad this year because of Easter travel chaos and a new wave of flight cancellations. will not help boost travel confidence.”

In a report released on Monday, MPs urged holidaymakers to receive automatic refunds for canceled flights.

The Transportation Commission also said the Civil Aviation Administration urgently requested the authority to impose financial penalties on airlines that failed to fully refund consumers when required by law.

In its recommendations, the committee said: “The government must put in place a mechanism to ensure that when refunded by law, airline passengers are automatically compensated, eliminating the need for customers to have to ask for a refund yourself.”


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