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Diane Keaton defends work with Woody Allen: ‘I’m proud beyond measure’

Diane Keaton has defended her work with controversial filmmaker Woody Allen, saying she’s “extremely proud” of their collaboration.

Allen and Keaton acted together in a number of films such as Play Sam again (1972), sleeping person (1973), Love and death (1975), Annie’s Hall (1977), City of Manhattan (1979), radio day (1987), and Manhattan Murder Mystery (1993).

For her role in Annie’s HallKeaton was awarded the Academy Award for Best Actor.

In recent years, allegations of sexual abuse against Allen by his adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow – who Allen has vehemently denied – has led many entertainment figures to reject Allen and stop working. work with him.

In a new interview with hollywood reporterKeaton was asked if she felt the allegations against Woody Allen “or his other controversies” had “overshadowed the work.” [they] did it together”.

“No, not at all,” Keaton replied. “NO. I’m proud. I’m incredibly proud.”

When asked to reflect on her entire career and choose a film that still “sticks” with her, Keaton chose her first collaboration with Allen, Let’s play again Sam.

“Woody Allen’s first movie,” she said. “That’s it.

“I was in it, I had lines. I was completely surprised by that.”

Woody Allen’s 1992 sexual assault allegation was at the heart of the recent HBO documentary series ‘Allen v Farrow’

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Keaton was also asked if her lengthy, repeated collaborations with artists such as Allen, Nancy Meyers and Goldie Hawn were a “love at first sight” feeling.

“No, it’s anxiety,” she replied. “You are worrying. If it’s a director or someone you’re acting great with, that’s unsettling. ‘How would this fit into that…? Can I do…? Who I am …? Oh my God.’

“You just have to worry a little bit until it gets easier. I’m sure most people feel the same way. With Goldie and Bette [Midler]on that particular movie [The First Wives Club]it was exciting, and I remember I was always feeling nervous and a little nervous about it.”

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