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Don Lemon live updates: CNN says host’s claim he was fired ‘inaccurate’

Don Lemon responds to Tucker Carlson’s ‘ignorant’ white supremacy claim

Don Lemon was fired by CNN after 17 years online.

On Monday (April 24), the news anchor announced that he had “split” CNN after a series of scandals in recent months, just an hour after it was reported that Tucker Carlson was fired by Fox News. .

“CNN and Don have broken up,” the network said in a statement.

“Don will forever be part of the CNN family, and we thank him for his contributions over the past 17 years. We wish him well and will be cheering him on in his future endeavors.”

Lemon reacted to the news with his own statement on Twitter saying he was “stunned” after being told by his agent that CNN allegedly terminated his contract without notice. for him.

“After 17 years at CNN, I thought that someone on the management team would be kind enough to tell me straight,” he wrote.

CNN called Lemon’s claim “inaccurate”.

Earlier this year, Lemon faced scrutiny for saying on television that presidential candidate Nikki Haley was not at her “peak” at the age of 51.


What does Duong Tu Quynh say about Lemon at the Oscars?

Michelle Yeoh referenced Lemon’s inappropriate comments about women at the 2023 Oscars in March.

Lemon has faced backlash for saying 51-year-old presidential candidate Nikki Haley is “past his prime”.

On stage to receive the Best Actress award, Michelle Yeoh told the audience: “Dear friends, never let anyone tell you that you’re past your prime. Never give up!”

peonyApril 25, 2023 05:08


Lemon has previously denied accusations of misogyny in the workplace

Earlier this month, Lemon strongly denied recent allegations against him, including allegations of contempt for women in the workplace and “singer-like behavior”.

In a damn report from Diversitysome sources claim that he disrespected CNN co-hosts Nancy Grace and broadcaster Soledad O’Brien, among other things.

Respond to allegations in a statement with intermediaryA spokesperson for Lemon said: “The story is filled with blatantly false anecdotes and without concrete evidence, based entirely on anonymous gossip from 15 years ago with no provenance, no grounded. It’s amazing and disappointing that Diversity would be very reckless.”

Tom MurrayApril 25, 2023 04:10


Video: Don Lemon and Tucker Carlson previously switched attacks

In a coincidence, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson and Lemon were fired from their networks on the same day.

Two previous transactions blew away Lemon’s wealth and racist experience.

Don Lemon responds to Tucker Carlson’s ‘ignorant’ white supremacy claim

Tom MurrayApril 25, 2023 03:11


A reminder of Lemon’s statement

Lemon tweeted the news of his passing on Monday.

In a typed statement shared on Twitter, Lemon said no one at CNN had the “courtesy” to inform him of his departure in advance. CNN called Lemon’s sentiment “inaccurate”.

You can read his full, typed statement here:

Tom MurrayApril 25, 2023 02:12


Donald Trump reacts to Lemon’s firing

“Good News: ‘The Dumbest Man on TV,’ Don Lemon, Finally Fired From Fake News CNN,” Donald Trump Written on his Truth Social platform on Monday.

He added, “My only question is, WHAT DID THEY TAKE SO LONG?”

Lemon, a CNN host since 2014, is an outspoken critic of Trump.

Tom MurrayApril 25, 2023 01:14


Nikki Haley celebrates fired Don Lemon with custom merchandise

Nikki Haley, the presidential candidate who Lemon says is “past his prime” to air this February, is celebrating the presenter’s departure.

On Twitter, Haley posted an image showing two cans of lemonade wrapped in koozies that read: “Gone my peak?” and “Hold my beer”.

Tom MurrayApril 25, 2023 00:25


ICYMI: Don Lemon was fired by CNN after 17 years at the network

While the statement offered no explanation for his sudden departure, it comes after Lemon has been embroiled in a series of controversies in recent months – with allegations of making offensive comments online. about women and mistreating female colleagues in front of the camera.

Lemon took to Twitter to accuse the network of not notifying him directly and instead leaving it up to his agent to report.

However, CNN called Lemon’s statement “inaccurate,” saying it gave him the opportunity to speak with management.

Tom MurrayApril 24, 2023 23:31


Don Lemon’s Career Timeline

Before joining CNN 17 years ago, Lemon danced among a number of other news gigs. He also entered the profession surprisingly late.

independence compiled a timeline of Lemon’s career, from his first job in journalism to when he was fired from CNN.

Tom MurrayApril 24, 2023 22:45


Lemon had a heated exchange with Vivek Ramaswamy last week

Based on The New York TimesSeveral CNN leaders were “infuriated” by Lemon’s sizzling interview with Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy last week.

Lemon and Ramaswarmy hotly debated the Second Amendment’s Arms Right and its role in Black history. At one point, Lemon removed his headphones because he said he couldn’t hear his subject while the producers were speaking into his ear.

Tom MurrayApril 24, 2023 22:14


Lemon hires a Hollywood lawyer to handle the exit

In a sign of difficult developments to come, Lemon has retained Bryan Freedman – a litigation attorney known for aggressively defending Class A clients.

Lemon’s contract with CNN is said to run until 2026, with about $20 million (£16 million) still unpaid, according to the report. The New York Times.

Freedman’s past clients include Megyn Kelly, Kevin Spacey, FKA Twigs and Gabrielle Union.

Tom MurrayApril 24, 2023 21:43


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