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Passengers warned as drop-off fees raised at more than a third of airports, RAC report shows

Drivers are being warned to brace for “extraordinary” prices when dropping off or picking up passengers from an airport terminal, with a third of 21 airports busy, according to new research by the RAC. UK’s busiest price increase.

The biggest jumps are at Southampton Airport, which has increased the drop-off fee from £4 to £6 for 20 minutes, and Belfast International, which now costs £3 for 10 minutes (up from £2).

Belfast City Airport has introduced a new “fast” drop-off/drop-off zone, where the first 10 minutes cost £3, not charged before.

Both Belfast City and International Airports say independence that despite the car fee that stops near the station, they still offer free parking for 10 minutes and 15 minutes respectively at their long-stay parking lots.

A spokesperson for AGS Airports, which owns and operates Southampton Airport, said that the price had been increased “as part of an ongoing review process” and that “money is generated through parking services. Our vehicles play an important role in supporting the airport’s operating costs, which have increased dramatically.”

Other increases in so-called ‘kiss and fly’ fees were spotted at Glasgow Airport (currently £5 for 15 minutes), Aberdeen (£5 for 15 minutes), Leeds Bradford (£6 for 10 minutes) ), Liverpool (£5 in 10 minutes) and Birmingham (£4 in 15 minutes).

London Stansted remains the most expensive drop-off airport despite no fee increase this year, with an initial fee of £7 for 15 minutes. A spokesman for the aviation center said independence that the fee “contributes to reducing the environmental impact of private vehicle transportation and helps manage congestion in capacity-constrained areas”.

Six of the UK’s busiest airports have also frozen drop-off fees since last summer: Heathrow and Gatwick, both of which charge a flat fee of £5, Manchester (£5 for 5). minutes), Luton (£5 for 10 minutes) and Edinburgh (£4 for 10 minutes).

The busiest airports – Cardiff, London City and Inverness – continue to offer a free pick-up and drop-off option at the front yard of the terminal.

Nicholas Lyes, head of road policy at the RAC, said: “Having tracked down airport fees since 2016, we can see the toll hike has now become an annual ritual.

“Thankfully, the rate of hiking fees at the airport is lower this year than last year, but that would be a small consolation as the fees across the board have never been this high.

“What is perhaps more frustrating is that many travelers will call on their friends or family to take them to the airport because of the persistent industrial activity on the rail network, which means, for many people, being dropped off at the airport. Flying by car is the only reliable way to get there. make their flight on time.

“Doing research before traveling has never been more important. Many airports offer free or reduced-price drop-off areas away from the terminal in long-stay car parks where travelers can catch shuttle buses, saving their drivers from incurring charges. More expensive fees near the departure building.

Mr. Lyes added that “drivers who wish to drop off loved ones on roads within the airport’s boundaries should be careful as many stop-off zones have cameras mounted which can lead to hefty fines.”


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