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Earth Day Spurs England Athletics’ New Sustainability Strategy

Every year on April 22, Earth Day organized around the world to show support for environmental protection. This is an opportunity to raise awareness about environmental issues and encourage the community to act towards environmental sustainability. British track and field captured the spirit of Earth Day by announcing a new sustainability strategy last December. This strategy will inspire and engage families of clubs, RunTogether teams, athletes and runners into environmentally sustainable practices.

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Sustainability strategies focus on measuring and tracking areas of social, economic and environmental impact to ensure progress is accurately measured. The importance of sustainability is clear, as British Athletics discovered through a survey of people aged 11 and over. The survey found that participation in sustainability activities was highly correlated with increased interest and running activity.

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For weekly runners, the survey found that 79% had some knowledge, and this rose to 86% for weekly runners. However, British Athletics admits that just improving the sustainability of mall operations, shopping and events is not enough. For greater impact, it intends to issue guidance to clubs, RunTogether teams, facilities, race directors and competition providers in the coming months to help them on their sustainability journey. .

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In this coronation year, British Sports also considers sustainability as one of two areas that reflect the King’s personal passions. It looks for projects that focus on sustainability while reducing environmental impact. Clubs can get involved by adopting ideas like locally made equipment or using local community property to reduce travel. The Small Sponsorship Program will support new projects by providing National Lottery grants from £300 to £15,000.

Athletics UK’s new sustainability strategy is a fantastic initiative to inspire communities across the country to get involved in environmentally sustainable practices. By taking small steps towards sustainability, communities can help protect our planet and ensure that future generations enjoy a healthy environment.

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