EASYRivers are collectively planning some 21.46 million recreational car journeys this weekend, the highest number for the Easter holiday since the RAC began tracking, according to RAC research. driver’s plan in 2014.

Good Friday – the first bank holiday since the start of the year – looks set to be the busiest day of the long weekend with drivers planning in the region 4.62 million separate leisure trips , followed by a Monday bank holiday (3.96 million) with Saturday and Sunday, each person seeing a car distance of about 3.63m.

Drivers will make about 5.6 million more trips sometime between Friday and Monday.

RAC transport spokesman Rod Dennis told the Telegraph: “While we are expecting the highest number of Easter getaways by car tomorrow – around 4.6 million – it is clear that some The driver wants to escape early before the bank holiday.”

“As well as the closure of the seaward M20 for Operation Brock Zero, previous collisions are causing problems on the south-east M25 and the roads connecting it, as well as on the A303 in Wiltshire.”

“From an incident perspective, we see a high demand for our service across the North of England, particularly around the Lake County, as well as the coastal areas of West Wales!

“Our patrols are working to reach members as quickly as possible, but we urge all drivers to ensure their vehicles are ‘ready on the road’ to avoid them being hit. It breaks down in the first place and adds to queues. Worryingly three in 10 drivers tell us they don’t check their vehicle before embarking on a long Easter journey.”


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