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Ebere Eze: From identity crisis to England international – News

“My brothers and the people around me, we talk about it all the time and we understand that what we do now is not necessarily the most important,” he explained. “We think about inspiring people. If you can inspire people, you can help them become the best versions of themselves. That’s more important than any praise, reward or anything you get for yourself. That’s how I look at my life [and] that’s how I see my position and I’m grateful to be able to do that.

“People who are inspired by the story, who are looking at their current situation and seeing: ‘Okay, great, here’s someone who went through adversity and here’s how to get out of it.’ I feel like that’s a huge thing. It’s less about me and more about the people watching the story, and inspiring and motivating people to make something of themselves too.”

When listening to Eze speak, it becomes clear that, through football, he has found an identity that allows him to feel free both on and off the field. He is Ebere Eze, the Premier League star. He is Ebere Eze, the England international. But his focus was not directed inward. Instead, it’s about enjoying every moment and helping others find their identity.

“Honestly, every day I always look back,” he concluded. “I don’t look back as if I’m living in the past but look back just to be grateful and understand that you’ve come so far. Experience it today and enjoy it, don’t get caught up in what’s going on or become worried. It’s just about enjoying the present moment as much as possible because of where you’ve come from.”


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