IIn 1984, Philip Michael Thomas was on top of the world. At the age of 35, the Ohio-born actor landed the lead role as Detective Ricardo Tubbs in Miami Vice, the police show produced by Michael Mann that revolutionized television. Thomas, however, set his sights even higher. In an interview with the Associated Press, he announced his intention to win EGOT. “It stands for Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony,” he said, unpacking the acronym he had just coined. “Hopefully in the next five years I’ll win all of those awards.”

Thomas is so serious about his dream that he engraved the four letters “EGOT” on a gold pendant that he wears around his neck. Sadly, that’s as far as he has gotten. Not only did Thomas not win any of the four awards before retiring in 2006, he was never even nominated. His ambitious dream might have been completely forgotten if it hadn’t been for the 30 Stones. In a 2009 episode of Tina Fey’s Saturday night live– gripping sitcom, Tracy Morgan’s character Tracy Jordan stumbles across a diamond-encrusted EGOT medal that ostensibly belongs to Thomas. This discovery inspired Jordan to begin his own journey to win all four of the highest honors in the American show business – and bring EGOT back in popularity.

This week, Jennifer Hudson became only the seventeenth person in history to reach that elite EGOT status when she won the Tonys. Here’s a look at the others in the rare club.

1. Richard Rodgers

The first person to ever win an EGOT was composer Richard Rodgers, who completed his four in 1962, when he won an Emmy for incidental music in a documentary about William Churchill. He began his collection in 1945 with the Academy Award for Best Song (“It Might as Well Be Spring” from State Fair). In between he won two Grammy Awards (The sound of music and No chain) and not less than six tons (for South Pacific, King and I, The sound of music and No chain).

2. Helen Hayes

Helen Hayes was the first woman to win an EGOT. She started her collection in 1932 with the Academy Award for Best Actress for Madelon Claudet’s Sin. In 1947, she got another Tony Award for Best Actress Happy birthday and in 1953, another Emmy Award for Best Actress for an episode of Schlitz Playhouse of Stars. In 1977, 45 years after winning her first Academy Award, she won a Grammy Award for Verbal Contributions to Great American Documentary, with Orson Welles and James Earl Jones.

Rita Moreno with ‘West Side Story’ co-star George Chakiris at the 1962 Academy Awards

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3. Rita Moreno

Moreno hit the road to EGOT in 1962 when she won an Oscar for her famous role as Anita in West story. In 1972, she won another Grammy, for a children’s record Electric Company, and in 1975 won the Tony Award for The Ritz. Just two years later, she’s the proud winner of all four awards thanks to an Emmy for her appearance on Juggle.

4. John Gielgud

The British acting legend became the first non-American to win an EGOT in 1991 when he accepted an Emmy at the age of 87 for his lead role in Summer rental agreement. He won the first of his two Tonys in 1948, because The importance of being honest, and a 1979 Grammy for his one-man Shakespeare performance Age of man. His Oscar win came in 1981, for his supporting role in the comedy Dudley Moore Arthur.

Audrey Hepburn with the Oscar statuette.


5 Audrey Hepburn

Tragically, Hepburn didn’t live to see himself reach EGOT state. At the time of her death in 1993, she was the proud winner of the Academy Award for 1953 Roman Holidaysand a Tony, for the years 1954 Ondine. She later won an Emmy for her 1993 documentary series Gardens of the World with Audrey Hepburn and a Grammy for her children’s story album Audrey Hepburn’s Enchanted Tales.

6. Marvin Hamlisch

Composer Marvin Hamlisch won no less than three Academy Awards in 1973, one for Sting and two cho Our way, with Barbra Streisand singing the popular theme song. The same song and score won Hamlisch a few Grammys the following year, and he picked up a Tony in 1976 for A chorus. He completed his EGOT in 1995, just enough to win an Emmy for his work on Streisand’s. Barbra: Concert. (Streisand herself is not considered an EGOT winner despite her Emmy, Oscar, and Grammy awards because her Tony was given as a non-competitive special).

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7. Jonathan Tunick

Composer and Orchestra Jonathan Tunick Won an Oscar in 1977 for Scoring Some night songs, and five years later, got another Emmy for his musical direction in the TV special Night of 100 stars. He won a Grammy in 1988 for arranging Cleo Laine’s version of Stephen Sondheim’s “No One is Alone” and completed EGOT in 1997 when he won a Tony for staging. Titanic music.

Mel Brooks with one of the 12 winning Tonys of ‘The Producers’ in 2001

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8. Mel Brooks

The comedy icon won his first Emmy in 1967 for writing about Sid Caesar, Imogene Coca, Carl Reiner, Howard Morris Special and followed that up a year later by winning an Oscar for writing Producer. Thirty years later, he’s added a Grammy to his trophy cabinet thanks to the comedy album Old man 2000 in 2000, also with Carl Reiner, and in 2001 completed his EGOT by winning no less than three Tonys for his Broadway adaptation Producer.

9. Mike Nichols

While he is perhaps best remembered today for his directing work, Nichols won a Grammy as a performer in 1961 for his comedy album An evening with Mike Nichols and Elaine May. In 1964, he won the first of his nine Tonys for directing Walking barefoot in the Park, and three years later another Oscar for classic film director Dustin Hoffman After university. He completed his EGOT in 2001 by winning a pair of Emmys directing Emma Thompson in Craftiness.

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10. Whoopi Goldberg

The first Black EGOT winner, Goldberg won a Grammy in 1986 for her comedy album of the same name and an Academy Award in 1990 for her performance in Ghost. In 2002, she won both Emmy Awards, for hosting the documentary Beyond Tara: The Extraordinary Life of Hattie McDaniel, and a Tony, for production Millie is completely modern on Broadway. She said she didn’t know about the acronym EGOT until she appeared on 30 Rock to give Tracy Jordan tips on his winning streak. When asked if the daytime Emmys count, she replied: “It still counts. Girls must eat! ”

11. Scott Rudin

Producer Scott Rudin has won 18 notable Tonys, his first in 1994 for his work on Stephen Sondheim’s Passion. He also won one of three other awards needed for an EGOT: A 1984 Emmy Award for a Children’s Ballet Documentary He made me feel like Dancin’a 2007 Oscar for There is no country for the elderly and a 2012 Grammy Award for Book of Mormon.

12. Robert Lopez

Musician Robert Lopez is famous for being the only person in history to perform Double EGOT. He has won each award at least twice, including Tonys for Q Avenue (2004) and Book of Mormon (2011), Emmys for Wonder Pets! (2008) and WandaVision (2021), Grammy for Book of Mormon (2012) and frozen (2015) and the Academy Award for frozen (2013) and Coco (2017). In case all that doesn’t make you feel lazy, Lopez is also the youngest EGOT winner in history, having received all four awards at the age of 39.

13. Andrew Lloyd Webber

The musical Impresario hit the EGOT trail in 1980 with a Grammy and Tony won for it Evita. He won an Oscar in 1996 for “You Must Love Me,” from the Madonna-starring movie version of the same musical, before taking home an Emmy for the year’s TV special. his 2018 Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert.

14. Tim Rice

The lyricist is a longtime collaborator with Andrew Lloyd Webber, and the pair have shared many of their accolades. He also started with a Grammy and Tony won for Evita in 1980 and completed EGOT with Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert in 2018. However, Rice actually has several more Oscars than Lloyd Webber, who wrote the lyrics for Disney classics “A Whole New World” and “Can You Feel The Love Tonight.”

John Legend and His Grammy Awards

(Getty Images The Recording Acade)

15. John Legend

Grammy Award Favorite Musician, with 12 wins starting with Best New Artist in 2006. In 2014, he won the Academy Award for the song “Glory”, from the film Selmathen Tony in 2017 for reviving the play August Wilson Jitney. He won his first Emmy in 2018 for his role Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert, a win that made Legend, Lloyd Webber and Rice EGOT win simultaneously.

16. Alan Menken

Longtime Disney composer Menken has won eight Academy Awards, his first two coming in 1989 for his work. Little Mermaid. That same soundtrack won a Grammy in 1991 and he won a Tony in 2012 for the musical. Newsies. He completed his EGOT in 2020 when he won an Emmy for Best Original Song for “Waiting in the Wings” from Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure.

17. Jennifer Hudson

Latest additions to the EGOT Hall of Fame, 2004 American Idol finalist Hudson began her awards journey in 2006 when she won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for Dream girls. She won her first Grammy Award for her debut R&B album of the same name in 2009 and an Emmy Award in 2021 for her work on VR fairy tales. Baba yaga. She completed her collection with a Tony Award for her work as a producer on Michael R Jackson’s musical. A strange loop.


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