Elizabeth Olsen is covering her eyes. “I can’t look at the screen. I’m sorry.” The cause of the actor’s dismay, as you might think, wasn’t my face, but hers.It was in the middle of our interview and I turned off the camera. her laptop to avoid internet problems, leaving Olsen alone, looking at herself She spent the rest of the conversation with her eyes modestly turned to the right. should catch up directly.

This isn’t the behavior you’d expect from a Hollywood star with the financial capabilities of Marvel movies – and someone from an acting dynasty. Her siblings are Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, stars of seventeen movies and fashion lines. Her younger sister Elizabeth has been in acting since the age of 4, but she did not appear in her first film until the age of 21. Instead of going the twins way, she fluctuates between smaller indie films and blockbusters, including those of Gareth Edwards Godzilla (2014) and several films from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Each role is vastly different from the last – a spirited drama student in a cozy comedy Liberal Arts (2012), a narcissistic social media influencer in 2017 Instagram satire Ingrid goes to the Westand a shy rookie FBI agent in a violent murder mystery Wind River same year.

But for her character in the Marvel universe, she is best known. She played unlucky longtime witch Wanda Maximoff in 2015 Avengers next part Age of Ultronbefore returning in three other MCU movies – Captain America: Civil War; Avengers: Infinity Warand Avengers: Endgame. After that, Wanda became so popular that she was cast in her own TV show, WandaVision.

In the space of nine creative episodes, Olsen became Marvel’s most beloved character thanks to his ability to flexibly switch from comedy to romance with a swipe of his wand. She also demonstrated this in our conversation, discussing sensitive topics, including the media’s treatment of her sisters, while playfully reacting to the persistent postman who wouldn’t stop knocking on my door. “See you later!” she yelled after he informed me, through my mailbox, that he left my package at his door.

It helped Olsen make it happen WandaVisionMarvel’s first foray into television, is an ambitious project that gives time and care to a character formerly given to dominant characters – ah, strong men. – Iron Man, Captain America and Thor.

But despite being a major Marvel player now, the 33-year-old said she has been awed by her growing popularity “over the past few years”.

“I only signed up to do a few films, so it will continue to be a surprise when they want to use me on more projects,” she said, adding: “I was baffled by how lucky I was. when they want to do WandaVision. ”

Olsen was living in Richmond, Virginia, when the program launched in January 2021, during its second lockdown. It has become one of the best-reviewed Marvel projects of all time, and the word-of-mouth rumors surrounding it have seen the series achieve the feat of attracting non-fans as well. like lovers. However, Olsen says she’s “completely detached” from the frenzy it causes, and “not really emotionally attached to it.”

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I don’t like presenting at awards ceremonies. I tried it and I don’t like it

Elizabeth Olsen

Olsen will return as a character in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, which pits her against Benedict Cumberbatch’s super-powered witch. Although she commends the collaborative filming process, an approach favored by director Sam Raimi, Olsen has suggested several times during our conversation that she doesn’t really enjoy discussing the project. project, even though this is a project she’s here to promote.

“I’m trying to ignore it and not talk about it, but that’s what’s happening,” she says with a friendly smile. “I actually do this which I feel very comfortable with because it doesn’t take up a lot of space in my mind, because it’s safer and I don’t feel vulnerable.”

‘I only signed up to do a few movies’: Elizabeth Olsen marvels at her Marvel success

(Courtesy of Marvel Studios)

However, Olsen’s tactics seem to have less to do with concerns about the quality of the film and more about her modesty. “When we do journalism for WandaVision, I was heartbroken because it was the first show of the Marvel universe. It was utter fear, and now I have to endure this pressure again when connecting with Sorcerer Supreme. I just don’t have it as part of those compilation movies. “ Olsen admits this even extends to seeing the final product.

If these nerves are a disturbing feature for someone whose face is currently featured in posters around the world for a movie that will be one of the year’s biggest hits, she He won’t show it. In fact, Olsen has the agreeable demeanor of someone who is clearly comfortable with the rules she has established in her life – both private and professional – one of which is established by her older sisters. she politely: “‘No’ is a full sentence.”

This rule made Olsen feel comfortable turning down some of the things she asked to do. For example, as has been noticed by her fan base, you won’t be seeing Olsen on stage at the Oscars or the Emmys any time soon. “I don’t like presenting at awards ceremonies. I tried it and I don’t like it. It’s not worth it for me to feel like I have to die anyway. It’s not worth it.”

Olsen says that the way she applies her sisters’ spell has changed over the years, and that, in her youth, she “uses it more as a young woman who is always ready for some kind of invader or something.” She smirked, as if she was admonishing herself. “I’ve always been tough like that – there can be mistakes sometimes.” What does she mean? “I just thought maybe I massaged things a little differently, or maybe I could have some nuance. But I think it’s an important thing for a young woman to know, hear, or empower herself. “

Her twin sisters were both hugely popular in the 1990s, hosting their own TV shows and movies, until 2012 when they announced plans to give up acting so they could focus on her fashion career. Olsen, three years younger than them, watched as her teenage siblings became the focus of increasing media scrutiny, which led her to almost give up acting.

‘I can only benefit from their sane perspective’: Olsen with sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley


“That’s when the media alleges that I abused my sisters,” Olsen said Nylon in 2011. “They would follow us shopping and [Mary-Kate and Ashley] almost got into a car accident because of the paparazzi, and I didn’t want to be a part of it.”

Fast forward to 2012. While Olsen was signing autographs for fans, a photographer asked her: “Why are you so much prettier than your sisters?” In a viral video, Olsen can be heard replying more politely than he deserves: “Because you guys have been bugging them all their lives.” It was this adverse treatment of her sisters – and the admirable way they restrained themselves during intense exposure – that helped shape her own experience in the face of with the press.

I’m really amazed at what my sisters have built

Elizabeth Olsen

“I think my sisters are some of the most amazing people to look at, given what they have created for themselves and how they treat themselves,” Olsen said, the air of pride evident. “I really admire what they’ve built and I think that’s because they have such a healthy perspective – and I can only benefit from that healthy perspective. I think it informed the way I treat myself. ”

But for all the sage advice her sisters gave her, Olsen wasn’t always receptive. “They had a lot of advice for me, but most things, when I was younger, I didn’t do it because ‘because I’m like that” – Olsen said in an animated voice -” “I’ll do it myself.” there ! You can’t tell me! ‘ And then they were right, and I ended up doing what they told me to do. But I had to fail first, alone.”

She certainly doesn’t fail now. But even so, I wonder how someone in her position feels about the criticisms directed in Marvel’s way in recent years. Most controversially, Martin Scorsese described the MCU movies as “closer to theme parks” than cinemas, while Godfather Director Francis Ford Coppola describes them as “prototypes that have been reworked over and over to look different”. It’s when people “make them seem like an inferior art form,” Olsen says, that she gets frustrated.

‘That’s where I got a bit hot’: Olsen shares her feelings about the backlash Marvel movies received from critics

(Marvel Studios)

“I’m not saying we’re doing indie art films, but I just think it upsets our crew, which upsets me,” she said. “These are some of the most amazing set designers, costume designers, camera operators – I feel downplaying them with that kind of criticism that would take away all the award-winning filmmakers, as well work on these projects.

“From an actor’s point of view, whatever, I get it; I fully understand that there’s a different kind of performance going on. But I think throwing Marvel under the bus would cost hundreds of very talented people on the crew. That’s where I’m a bit worried about that. “

As for her MCU future, Olsen is always expanding the possibilities. “I don’t know how big the plan really is, but I’m willing to do anything as long as there’s a good idea attached to it,” she said. This includes a second indie series that could focus on Wanda. Olsen also said she’s “curious” about what future movies the X-Men will fit into after Disney’s acquisition of Fox. But for Olsen, it wasn’t about signing her up for these projects – it was about getting her to sit down and watch them. “Honestly, the magic of the Marvel movies is gone for me now, which is too bad,” she said. “I have to do my kicks elsewhere.”

‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ is now in cinemas


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