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Elliot Page says he literally hid in a closet during his ‘most closeted relationship’ with unnamed actor

Elliot Page has spoken out about his “most private” relationship with an unnamed actor which involved him literally hiding in a closet to avoid being seen by hotel staff.

The actor released his memoir, prostitute boy, earlier this week. Telling the story of his life, career, and transition, the book contains Page’s accounts of several romantic relationships.

Before transgender, he was openly gay.

One segment of the autobiography focuses on a relationship with an actress who is seen as outspoken to the world, despite being romantically involved with Page before he was transgender.

In a profile interview with Guardpublished on Saturday (June 10), the secret relationship is described as a well-kept relationship that literally forced Trang to hide in a closet when room service was delivered to her hotel room. actor.

Referring only to the actor as “Ryan,” Page did not confirm whether the actor is still “closed.”

“No, I wouldn’t call it that,” he explained. “I gave it to Ryan to read, and it’s another example of how to talk about things realistically for the first time, and now we’re friends again.”

When asked if he knew if Ryan was worried people would try to guess her identity, Page admitted he wasn’t sure.

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“I don’t know how she feels about it in the back of her mind. I understand people will be curious. She can’t care too much, because people figure things out.

In the book, the 36-year-old man Juno the star also discussed his previously secret relationship with his 2006 film co-star Olivia Thirlby.

Describing Thirlby as being “sexually open” compared to himself, Page said that after they admitted their attraction to each other, they “started having sex all the time: her hotel room, in our trailer at work, once in a small, private room in a restaurant.”

He also notes that there is a relationship with Dealer Kate Mara when she has boyfriend actor Max Minghella.


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