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Elliot Page recalls going on double date with Leonardo DiCaprio and his mother

Elliot Page recalled double dating Leonardo DiCaprio and his mother, as well as one of DiCaprio’s friends.

The date took place shortly after Page and DiCaprio co-starred in the 2010 Christopher Nolan horror film Start.

In his candid new memoir prostitute boy, Page opened up about his dating history, arguing that his mother was not supportive of his relationships with women. In 2014, Page came out as gay; Six years later, he became transgender.

“When filming StartA friend of Leonardo DiCaprio’s came to visit and we had a lovely connection,” Page wrote in his memoir.

DiCaprio’s friend is only identified in the book as “Peter”.

“Peter is very warm to everyone, his eyes shining with concern. When I next met Leo, I told him I liked his friend, and he replied that his friend liked me too,” Page recalls.

“For the first date, we went [US-based theme park] Universal Studios with Leo and his mother. Peter and I sat close together on the game, our thighs just touching.”

Page claims that his mother “went to the moon” with her budding love. However, it ended after “a month, maybe two months”.

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Elsewhere in the memoir, Page reveals that he was once in a relationship with Dealer star Kate Mara, shortly after coming out as a lesbian.

He wrote about being sick on set Start is the result of the stress of feeling “out of place” among a “full of ” cast [cisgender] man”.

Page also recounted his experience of a horrifying superhuman attack that took place in Los Angeles last year and revealed details of a romance with Olivia Thirlby, his co-star in the hit comedy. language in 2007 Juno.

prostitute boy is now over.


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