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Emma Watson’s body double reveals star wasn’t actually in major Harry Potter scene

Emma Watson’s Harry Potter stunt double, Flick Miles, has revealed the key scene she was cast in after the young actor developed an allergic reaction.

Given that Watson was a kid in at least half of the franchise’s adaptations, production used a double actor that could split half a workday to ensure filming could be done. show up as quickly as possible.

In a video for the BBC, Miles revealed behind-the-scenes secrets, explaining that she often substitutes for Watson’s “far” and “over-the-shoulder” shots.

Miles clarified that actors under the age of 16 are only allowed to work four hours a day on set, under UK labor law.

“The biggest scene I was in was when Hermione turned into a cat in [Harry Potter and the] Chamber of Secrets,” she speaks.

“Emma had a mild reaction to the glue they used to apply her makeup so they asked me to do the part.

“So when you see Hermione as a cat in Chamber of Secretsthat’s really me.

Watson was the youngest of the three main stars at just 10 years old when she was cast as know-it-all nerd Hermione Granger in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stonewhile Daniel Radcliffe is 11 years old and Rupert Grint is 12 years old.

It’s been more than a decade since the eighth and final Harry Potter film, adapted from JK Rowling’s popular book series, was released in 2011.

Last month, Warner Bros. announced that it would be remaking these iconic films into a decade-long TV series.

While there will be an all-new cast, it has been promised that it will be “an honest adaptation of the beloved film. Harry Potter books”.

Rowling was appointed as the show’s executive producer, to “make sure it stays true to her original material”.


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