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England cricket score: Latest updates v Ireland

‘Ashes will continue to capture the world’s imagination’ – Stokes

England started the summer with a four-day single-leg test match against Ireland at Lord’s that saw old faces return to the team, in the form of Jonny Bairstow, and newcomers debuting Josh Tongue be nodded. started before Chris Woakes.

For Ben Stokes’ team, this game will be primarily a warm-up for the Ashes later this summer but for Ireland it is yet another opportunity to showcase their skills in the longest form of the game. . Who could forget the previous single test match between these two nations?

Back in 2019, England may have won 143 runs but Ireland’s display on the first day, past the hosts by just 85, was a statement of intent that they could compete at this level.

This match promises to be a different situation. In essence, Ben Stokes’ side is more aggressive and prefers to impose itself on the opposition. They have not played test cricket since February and hope to return to their rhythm against the Ashes later this month.

Follow all the action from Day One at Lord’s when England host Ireland:


England 23-0, Crawley 6, Duckett 16, Hume 0-9 (2), lost 149

Crawley is ready to make an attack for Duckett and block the ball to the foot in a single phase. Then Hume hit the opener on the pads and got a half-hearted call from Ireland.

However, the ball is thrown outside the foot so there is not much appeal to it.

To make matters worse, Hume strays outside and Duckett clings to a gorgeous drive and collects another boundary.

Mike JonesJune 1, 2023 16:56


England 18-0, Crawley 5, Duckett 12, Adair 0-14 (2), 154 . lead

Zak Crawley passed the ball easily to one man to put Ben Duckett in the net of Mark Adair.

Adair didn’t have enough speed to challenge Duckett with a short ball and the left-handed opener stabbed him through midwicket on four runs!

He does it again with the next ball and things look ominous for Ireland. If Duckett succeeds, their lead will evaporate quickly.

Mike JonesJune 1, 2023 16:52


England 8-0, Crawley 4, Duckett 4, Hume 0-4 (1), 164 . lead

Ben Duckett returned to the England squad for the winter and formed a good partnership with Zak Crawley. He impressed in Pakistan as England won 3-0 and also scored with decent odds against New Zealand.

Duckett was also away. He beat Graham Hume by four goals as England got off to a confident start.

Mike JonesJune 1, 2023 16:47


England 4-0, Crawley 4, Duckett 0, Adair 0-4 (1), lost 168

Crawley was away at the second ball. He hit a shot with his foot after being offside and scored England’s first goal of the innings.

Adair pushes the ball slightly fuller and tries to press the batter high with his front foot.

Mike JonesJune 1, 2023 16:42


Halftime start: England 0-0, Crawley 0, Duckett 0, Adair 0-0 (0,1), 172 lead

Ben Duckett and Zak Crawley stepped out into the middle of the field to the applause of the watching crowd. This could be a big round for Crawley, who is under a bit of pressure to stay at the top of the table.

Mark Adair opened bowling for Ireland and immediately found a hint of a swing.

Mike JonesJune 1, 2023 16:40


Sonia Twigg at Lord’s

One final Potts flourish and that was it in the Irish innings, 172 in all.

While it may not quite fit the British ‘Bazball’ style, it is enjoyable after an unstable start.

Curtis Campher almost deserved a half-century penalty for his defender actions, which saved Ireland from a truly disappointing first inning total, which looked doable to 19 tourists. age in the early three doors.

There will be times of disappointment for Josh Tongue, who failed to make his first test, with 13 passes 40 times, even though he hit speeds of up to 90 mph.

Sonia TwiggJune 1, 2023 16:39


End of half: Ireland 172 end of game

UK bowling figures:

Mike JonesJune 1, 2023 16:36


End of half: Ireland 172 end of game

England’s bowling attack ignited as Ireland was knocked out early in the evening. Matt Potts, Jack Leach and Stuart Broad shared what they had in common.


(Image in action via Reuters)


Mike JonesJune 1, 2023 16:34


End of half: Ireland 172 end of game

The tune was soon set by Stuart Broad, who brought Ireland down to 19-3. Despite the visitors trying to attack and fix a decent score, England continued to score and won all 10 goals in 57 rounds.

Now, putting England ahead is over.

Mike JonesJune 1, 2023 16:30


wick! Hand ct. Bairstow b. Potts 1 (7), Ireland 172 all

That’s the end of the match. Matt Potts found the inside edge of Fionn Hand’s stick and left Jonny Bairstow with a sharp catch on his left side.

The goalkeeper held on and the Irish protest was over.

Mike JonesJune 1, 2023 16:28


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