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Cummins and Starc leave England staring down the barrel at 114/4

With every day of this series, which has been numbered eight so far, there seems to be a national debate about Bazball’s right and wrong. Another culture war when, if we’re being honest, there are too many of them.

Starting today’s match, day four of the Second Test is going the way the Australians are, once again, dominated by debate over England’s approach to the match and whether they Are you putting your best effort into a much needed situation? win.

The hosts started Saturday’s action on the back foot, with Australia 130 to two, taking a 221-run lead after England’s first half ended fairly softly in the first session on Friday.

What shouldn’t be overlooked in the debate over Ben Stokes’ side’s approach, however, is that it relates to Thursday’s fun game, when, starting with Ollie Pope, British pitchers took to the pitch. cautiously catch the wind with the same throw. on the ball, using the short-ball strategy that Australia used. However, the shots that fell yesterday morning were due to Harry Brooks’ madness for baseball, not the fault of reckless short-ball use, but the fault of human bowling. Australia and a kick back by Jonny Bairstow, who slaps the ball to midway.

The problem is that while the ‘reckless’ short-ball has resulted in goals for Australia and understandably criticized, the fact of the matter is that England were still leading at the start of yesterday’s game. .

Bazball has put them in some great positions (Rawalpindi) and also taken them out of some seemingly neglected positions (Edgbaston met India last year). And what is certain is that (i) Stokes and Co will not back down from their attacking approach, and (ii) they will need to perfectly execute Bazball, both with ball and club, if they are to have a chance. win here.

Stay with us for all the action another day that promises to be both exciting and revealing.


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