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FE News | England’s school careers chief hails “exceptional” Cheshire and Warrington partnership linking employers with young people

The head of UK schools vocational education has told a key skills conference that he is “really inspired” by the pioneering partnership linking Cheshire businesses and Warrington with students of all backgrounds to prepare them for the world of work.

Oli de Botton, CEO of Career and Enterprise Company indicate the work of Committed Partnership connecting all 86 schools and colleges in the region with 550 businesses is “special” and is “increasing its impact on young people”.

Brilliant endorsement comes at “Narrowing the Gap” Cheshire and Warrington Pledge Annual Hub Career & Partnership Conference 2023.

Attended by more than 200 delegates, the conference explored how employers, educators and other key local stakeholders can work together further to address priorities. based on three main themes: Skills, Inclusion, and Opportunity.

And event attendees at Alderley Park heard the big strides had been made with support from The Pledge Partnership including Cheshire and Warrington Careers Hub.

A pioneering network that addresses skills and employment gaps, supports career planning, and offers students from all backgrounds the opportunity to access and experience meaningful employers so they are ready Enter the world of work.

Underpinned by Gatsby Benchmarks, a framework that promotes excellence in vocational education, Cheshire and Warrington Careers Hub run tailor-made creative projects.

These include students interviewed by genuine employers at the Model Assessment Centre, numerous career fairs attended in 2023 alone with 263 exhibitors and nearly 6,000 people, and even Both Meet with Teachers allow school staff to interact directly with employers to discover students’ career paths that are relevant to their subject.

The Cheshire and Warrington Career Centers are part of a national network of 45 Career Centers funded through the national body for Vocational Education, Careers and Enterprises.

And its CEO Mr. de Botton has been very lyrical about how businesses and education providers are supported and can work together to benefit future generations.

He told the conference: “What you are doing here is really inspiring.”

the works for The Pledge Partnership and Cheshire and Warrington Careers Hub, he saidused to be “Strengthening impact on young people” and add: “I’ve been overwhelmed by the exceptional work going on in Cheshire and Warrington to help young people find their next best move.”

He also told the conference that working “collectively” is important and that “teachers and parents need to be involved in the conversation”.

‘Raise the standard’

Statistics released at the conference show that more than 25,000 young people in Cheshire and Warrington each year benefit from this network, which not only helps more students land interesting local jobs but also enhances high standards of vocational education throughout the region.

The conference learned that Cheshire and Warrington schools on average completed 5.5 of Gatsby’s eight benchmarks, well above the national average. While the 21 priority schools in disadvantaged areas scored even higher – 5.8 out of 8.

Benchmarks include facilitating meetings with employers and higher and higher education, workplace experiences, and linking curriculum to careers.

Evidence shows that the better the quality of vocational education, the more likely a person will thrive after leaving school or university – especially those facing roadblocks.

Young people have played an active role in inspiring the audience throughout the day.

A group of inspirational young people show how their experience working with employers has helped them overcome barriers and reach their potential, including an apprentice at Bentley, who said she now runs the ‘Technology Day for Girls’ was inspired to attend a similar event.

Delegates also enjoyed a meal supported by students from Petty Pool College.

Other speakers at the event on Thursday, June 29 include Clare Hayward MBE, president of Cheshire and Warrington Local Enterprise Partnership – which department sponsors The Pledge Partnership.

She said The Pledge Partnership’s growth from a small pilot project in Crewe in 2016 to covering all of Cheshire and Warrington today has been “extraordinary.

The need to address the “achievement gap between disadvantaged and disadvantaged students” is one of the priority areas, but she stressed that people can be “very proud” of the work for them. now.

Clare, who is also chairman of NP11 – a business-led voice in the North that brings together 11 Local Business Partnerships (LEPs) across the North of England – added: “We are now are seeing more and more young people get successful jobs with us. Local employers are working with us to inspire the next generation. Now you have the opportunity to look at what you can do to close the skills gap, opportunity gap, and disadvantage gap.”

The event provided an opportunity for business, education, community and volunteer organizations to share practices through seminars and hear presentations including sessions from employers, educators , South Cheshire Chamber and Warrington County Council, Cheshire East Council and Cheshire West and Chester Council.

Grace Sheldon, Strategy Team Leader speak:

“Special progress has been made and this depends on the commitment of everyone, from career leaders in schools developing their service offering to employers local communities that offer meaningful experiences about the world of work.”

Pledge Partnership is calling on more local employers to help inspire the next generation.

NOTE Oli de Botton: CEO of the Career and Enterprise Company, Oli de Botton were full of praise when speaking at the “Bridging the Gaps” Cheshire Annual Meeting and the Warrington Pledge Partnership & Careers Hub 2023 in Alderley Park.

Clare Hayward MBE, president of Cheshire and Warrington Local Enterprise Partnership speaking at The Cheshire and Warrington Pledge Conference 2023

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