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ArrDee: Alcohol adverts featuring rapper banned by watchdog

  • By Emma Petrie
  • Art and culture reporter

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Rapper ArrDee tries rum and drinks with friends in a nightclub

Two ads for the Litty Liquor brand were banned for promoting excessive and irresponsible drinking.

Instagram posts from the Litty Liquor account in December featured photos of rapper ArrDee tasting rum and drinking with friends in a nightclub.

The regulator said the ads “potentially encourage excessive alcohol consumption”.

Rappers under the age of 25 also break the advertising rules. Ads have been removed.

ArrDee, 20, appeared to be mixing two brands of rum and then partying with friends on the dance floor.

The words “#GETLIT” appear at the bottom of the ad along with a box of Litty Liquor products.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) received a complaint that the ads violated advertising rules because they featured someone or appeared to be under the age of 25 and encouraged excessive drinking. and irresponsible.

“We understand that the word ‘lit’ has a long history of being used as a slang term for intoxication and has also gained popularity in rap music to refer to intoxication,” the ASA said. dull.

“We note that in recent years the term ‘lit’ has also been used in rap music to refer to something interesting or of great quality.

“However, because advertising focuses on the creation and consumption of alcoholic beverages… we assume that consumers are likely to associate the phrase ‘#GETLIT’ with drinking and becoming drunk.

“Therefore, we believe that advertising is likely to encourage excessive alcohol consumption.”

Ads with alcohol are prohibited from showing people under the age of 25 or who appear to be playing an important role.

Litty Liquor, who also responded on behalf of ArrDee, confirmed that the rapper was under 25 at the time of viewing the ad and apologized for his presence, which they accepted was a violation of the rules.

The company and ArrDee said they understood how the phrase “#GETLIT” could be seen as promoting excessive and irresponsible drinking, but said they intended to promote their products in a meaningful way. responsible and appropriate.

It said it has removed the ad and will review its advertising policies and procedures to prevent similar problems from occurring in the future.

ArrDee, from Brighton, has collaborated with Aitch and Cat Burns and scored five UK top 10 hits.


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